New sign at the Jungle Cruise replaces spears and masks with Jungle Navigation Co. logo

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New Jungle Cruise entrance sign
Posted: Wednesday July 21, 2021 9:52am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Jungle Cruise at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom has a new main entrance sign today featuring the Jungle Navigation Co. logo.

The previous sign included a mask and spears, a look which is being phased out as part of the redevelopment of the Jungle Cruise.

In addition to the new design over the Jungle Cruise main entrance, the sign on the Adventureland walkway has been renewed with fresh paint.

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celluloid5 hours ago

Yes, it is quite hypocritical. Also, "toots" is a derogatory term.

larryz5 hours ago

If only...

Sharon&Susan5 hours ago

You're right the boats are inspired by the boat in African Queen. It does not make Jungle Cruise an IP based ride (if that's what your point is?) The "breathing" doors in HM are based on the ones on The Haunting, it does not make it Disney's The Haunting the Ride.

celluloid5 hours ago

It has always been known to be inspired by that movie, the time period and exploration. It is on Behind The Attraction as well as other media produced by Disney saying that it is.

Roger_the_pianist5 hours ago

People will say Jungle Cruise is NOT basedon The African Queen but it so clearly is.

JoeCamel5 hours ago

The African Queen movie was set at the outbreak of WW1. The timeline might be then

meyeet8 hours ago

Thanks! You just saved me $30

Riverrafter218 hours ago

The boat goes down the river, The Rock is invincible, The Rock beats up the bad guys, they all tell bad jokes, Emily Blunt has a brave moment, they make it down the river, Emily kisses The Rock, we learn a lesson about life, and wave good bye at the dock as The Rock drives off into the setting jungle sun.

MisterPenguin11 hours ago

Well, apparently I can't read this thread anymore until I see the movie. Thanks for all the spoilers!!

Incomudro11 hours ago

What would be wrong with the natives trying to kill them? Honestly, things like that happened. Can we no longer have the scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean II where Jack is persued and captured by the local people?

FigmentJedi12 hours ago

There's actually another native tribe in the jungle itself protecting the tree from the zombie conquistadors or something.

Riverrafter2113 hours ago

A ride that might be around another 20+ years can’t have “problematic” cultural depictions as it will be under constant scrutiny. However a movie that everyone will forget in a year can have all the “problematic” story it needs to help the box office numbers. Do as we say, not as we do and be sure to give us your money.

brettf2213 hours ago

Makes sense. Thanks for the info.

UNCgolf14 hours ago

One of the other trailers addresses this. The "natives" are hired by Dwayne Johnson's character to provide extra excitement to the people taking his cruise. They're in on it. I suppose they could have done something similar with the ride, but it would have been much harder to pull off without still making changes to the scenes. I think that would still be considered problematic by some people, but I'd assume less so than actually playing it straight that the "natives" are really trying to kill them.