A look at construction for 'Journey of Water Inspired by Moana' at EPCOT

Oct 26, 2021 in "Journey of Water Inspired by Moana"

'Journey of Water Inspired by Moana' construction - October 18 2021
Posted: Tuesday October 26, 2021 11:41am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is a quick look at the progress this month on 'Journey of Water Inspired by Moana' at EPCOT.

Construction is taking place on the former Innoventions West site between Spaceship Earth and The Living Seas.

According to Disney, this first-ever attraction based on the Walt Disney Animation Studios hit film, “Moana,” will let guests interact with magical, living water in a beautiful and inspiring setting.

The new area will be located in what was Future World in approximately the area previously occupied by the Innoventions West building leading towards the Living Seas. Innoventions West and all the buildings on that side have beene demolished as part of the work.

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Patcheslee12 hours ago

Conflict of interest with the whole "Fish are friends not food" thing 🙃

Sir_Cliff1 day ago

That has always been my impression. I remember going there on my very first trip to WDW in 1994 and it was both quite good and hyped as one of WDW's top restaurants. Since then, it seems to have kind of faded away.

TikibirdLand1 day ago

Uh, no. That's my summary. If you want details, Yelp has reviews. 4 of 5 stars from them though. Would Nemo be the chef at Nemo's Grill? Or, would he be one of the dishes?

Incomudro1 day ago

Coral Reef is our one must do restaurant. We made it our regular thing when we were making annual WDW trips. Sadly, our last trip was 5 years ago - partially due to covid which caused us to postpone our 2020 trip. Well, we're finally going back this March! I did notice a decline in Coral Reefs food, from real restaurant good - just pretty good the last perhaps two times I went. Then again, I can say that I noticed a similar decline in many of the other places we've eaten in at WDW as well.

James Alucobond2 days ago

I've always found it at least decent if you know what to get, sometimes very good. The atmosphere is also wonderful, though the carpet and some other surfaces/furnishings were in need of a refresh the last time I was there.

Animaniac93-982 days ago

I think Coral Reef was always a moderately popular restaurant pre-DDP, but then that made it harder to book as DDP visitors were not interested in most other EPCOT locations and figured the seafood place was a safe choice.

90s2 days ago

It’s pretty good, the apps and desserts are Atleast. The shrimp and grits is good as well

UNCgolf2 days ago

I've heard it's not very good now, but it used to be one of Disney's higher end restaurants. I bet a bunch of people don't know it's there. It's pretty hidden around the side of the pavilion.

Animaniac93-982 days ago

I haven't eaten there in many years. Was a family favourite though. A clownfish of that size would be what you'd get for $40 at a WDW seafood restaurant these days. ;)

BrianLo2 days ago

thats what I was going to say. Is it any good? Probably would have heard about it if it was called Nemo’s Grill. 😂

Animaniac93-982 days ago

I find this is true for most of WDW as a solo diner, unfortunately.

Animaniac93-982 days ago

You never heard of Coral Reef? The 80s equivalent to Space 220?

OvertheHorizon2 days ago

I've also been there multiple times and watched the decline of food and service. My last visit was as a single individual. They couldn't wait to get me out of there, perhaps to make room for a larger party that would provide a greater tip. (I usually tip 20%, but then I'm only one person.)

TikibirdLand2 days ago

Been there multiple times. 2 out of 5 stars. Very disappointed in the food quality every time we visited. And, we LOVE the atmosphere. But, the food was about as good as that served at The Rainforest Cafe. If you've ever had the chance to eat at one of Landry's Auquarium restaurants, you'd see the concept done well. Been to one in Houston and down at the Kemah boardwalk.