Walt Disney Imagineer gives a tour of the Journey of Water Inspired by Moana construction site at EPCOT

12 days ago in "Journey of Water Inspired by Moana"

Posted: Tuesday January 24, 2023 11:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Imagineering has shared a new video from the Journey of Water Inspired by Moana project site at EPCOT.

The brief video shows more of the walk-through experience from new angles. You can watch the video below.

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MisterPenguin12 hours ago

In a box surrounded by trees...

RSoxNo112 hours ago

I'd love for the capper on this to be Aquatopia between the Land and Seas pavilion.

RSoxNo112 hours ago

How will the pumping area be hidden?

SilentWindODoom1 day ago

The forums at Sporslogos.net has an eyeroll as a possible reaction. I wish we had that here. I find it much more useful in this setting. Sad and Angry are rather extreme emotions and even my thought of using them to represent "disappointment" and "annoyance" keep bothering me with the thought of it looking as though there is a much deeper emotion.

_caleb1 day ago

I wish Bio would explain why they’re using big blocks of foam.

DCBaker1 day ago

MisterPenguin2 days ago

Disstevefan12 days ago

I like the dancing fountains. It's still fun to watch and I have always wondered how they did it, what nozzles did they use, what water pressure, etc. and it's fun to block the streams it with your hands. One thing is for sure, it will have taken LESS time to build the dancing fountains (And ALL OF EPCOT) than it will for Moana. I know, I know, Yada, Yada, pandemic, Yada.

Drdcm2 days ago

Nothing to apologize for. I interpreted it incorrectly, my bad. I didn’t mean to call you out.

_caleb2 days ago

I’m sorry. I did not know it would be a dark joke. Deleted my post.

MrPromey2 days ago

If you're able to find someone to distract the cast in the area long enough, they could be. ;)

Disstevefan13 days ago

On behalf of the Moana universe I want to thank you for all your thoughtful comments and corrections.

MisterPenguin3 days ago

Calling it a splash pad, even a 'glorified' one is just absurd. Are the dancing fountains by Imagination just a glorified splash pad? I'm sorry it seems it will be disappointing to you. I'm eager to experience it. The delay was indeed intentional... when they stopped construction because of the pandemic. However, once the construction resumed it didn't stop. Don't forget that when construction did resume, there were severe supply chain issues worldwide. The continuing construction of the Hub has been well documented in this thread. You should read it. EU will not open until Summer of 2025, more than two years away. Disney has announced at D23 that JoW will open in late 2023, about 10 months away at most. Their openings will in no way be close to one another. I'm sorry you've been so grossly misinformed about this. You will get your fiber optic embedded in concrete with the central part of the hub. It will be part of the SSE lightshow as seen from within the park.

Epcot82Guy3 days ago

I still say repurposing Innoventions NW into an expanded One Man's Dream with the Walt Statue as the entry wienie - then using a version of JoW with multiple entries as the gateway between IMAG and World Nature would have made more sense.