Journey of Water Inspired by Moana construction ramping up at EPCOT

14 days ago in "Journey of Water Inspired by Moana"

'Journey of Water Inspired by Moana' construction - June 8 2021
Posted: Wednesday June 9, 2021 10:39am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction at 'Journey of Water Inspired by Moana' is picking up pace at EPCOT as parts of the structure become visible across the park.

The vertical parts that we can see are possibly parts of the landscaping that we can see in the concept art, with waterfalls flowing down a rock wall.

According to Disney, this first-ever attraction based on the Walt Disney Animation Studios hit film, “Moana,” will let guests interact with magical, living water in a beautiful and inspiring setting.


The new area will be located in what was Future World in approximately the area previously occupied by the Innoventions West building leading towards the Living Seas. Innoventions West and all the buildings on that side have beene demolished as part of the work.


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nor'easter12 hours ago

As has every other member of this forum.

jt0415 hours ago

That was a sort of 'inside joke' because Lee used to make it very clear Edutainment wasn't something he thought a lot of. Occasionally I'm sardonic. 😋 Unless it is a serious topic assume I'm being a bit sardonic. 🔑

nickys15 hours ago

You insinuated you must be correct about this post because @Lee had not “objected” to it:

jt0417 hours ago

Okay. Since we've established it is a walkthrough. Involves interactive water features and has something to do with Moana. Is in the Disney Nature neighborhood so that seems important. And is near the Living Seas (also water based). Not remembering adding anything beyond this but I'm willing to listen. Oh, the pixie dust comment is based on the lighted Moana emblem. And edutainment comment based on the title Journey of Water.

HauntedPirate17 hours ago

Your question wasn’t even an accurate response, so no answer needs to be provided. We already knew JoW was a walkthrough, but that’s not what you said you think it will be and what Lee didn’t respond/react to. And let’s not get into the “well you didn’t answer the question” game. You have no chance of winning that one.

jt0417 hours ago

I'm still waiting for your answer to one of my three questions. Patiently.

HauntedPirate17 hours ago

You asked… The Question!!!

Mac Tonight17 hours ago

And have you been to WDW in that timespan? Happy New Year!

jt0419 hours ago

Correct about what? Lee still lurks? JoW is a walkthrough? NDAs are watertight? (Heh)

HauntedPirate19 hours ago

So you're saying that because someone who hasn't posted on the site for 2+ years hasn't responded or reacted to some random speculation and conjecture you made a scant few hours ago, it means you're somehow correct?

jt0420 hours ago

Martin kinda confirmed he is around. Not sure if Lee is a true insider or connected to one but he always had good info. But the NDA's are solid these days. So we are mostly left to conjecture and speculation. Which is fun also.

marni197120 hours ago

Yup. He’s also been to WDW more recently than JT.

nickys21 hours ago

Lee hasn’t been around for some time, certainly since before Covid, unless he’s lurking. But there’s no activity on his profile and his last post was Summer 2019.

jt0421 hours ago

They have gotten very good at keeping their cards hidden. But I think my description is not far off. It is a full walk through with a touch of pixie dust and a measure of edutainment. But not enough of either to cause @Lee to object. So far.