Journey into Your Imagination press release

Sep 25, 1999 in "Journey into Your Imagination"

Posted: Saturday September 25, 1999 by WDWMAGIC Staff
One Giant Step For...Imagination!

Imagination takes a giant step for the millennium in Epcot's latest mind-boggling adventure in the Imagination! pavilion presented by Kodak.

Expanding on the continuing success of its 3-D special effects sensation, "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience," the new Journey Into Your Imagination adventure explores with tongue in cheek the imaginary effects of sound, color, illusion, dimension and gravity on people's "imagination generator."

Disney Imagineers have already shown, with hilarious results, what happens when scientists like Prof. Harold Szalinski of "Honey, I . . ." let their imaginations run wild with hi-tech wonders like the incredible shrinking machine.

The Imagination! pavilion adds the "sense-sational" ride-through adventure, letting guests discover how individual imagination expands during their trip through the amazing laboratories of the Imagination Institute, plus a new "ImageWorks -- The Kodak 'What If' Labs" playground for imaginative hands-on "experimentation."

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