It's Tough To Be A Bug closing for lengthy refurbishment in July

Apr 15, 2014 in "'It's Tough to be a Bug'"

Posted: Tuesday April 15, 2014 11:30am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The 3D show "It's Tough To Be A Bug" at Disney's Animal Kingdom is scheduled to be closing for refurbishment in July 2014.

The refurbishment begins on July 7 through to August 11, reopening to guests on August 12 2014.

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xstech25Oct 08, 2014

The nets were removed along the exit path so that area that runs behind the tree has been completely opened up. Also the planters in that area were replaced with small plants which provides a completely unobstructed view of the tree. Overall the area back there looks much better. Also the film itself has been replaced, the lights in the show were redone, Hopper and Flik were repainted, and the inside appears to be refreshed/recarpeted. I'm not sure if the show is digital but whatever it is, is a huge improvement over what it looked like before. Basically the show looks like its brand new.

hpyhnt 1000Oct 08, 2014

Saw it on Sunday afternoon. Hopper and Flik animatronics were working. Theater effects all seemed to work (bug spray, spiders, water sprayers, etc.) Film looked pretty good but it didn't look digital to me. Can someone confirm if it was converted or not?

GoofyernmostOct 08, 2014

Isn't that enough for now? That was a major eyesore for the main focal point of the entire park. It's like having blankets of lights draped over the Castle once a year.... wait! I swear some people would complain if you hung them with a new rope. (and old expression that my father used to say. Don't ask me to explain it literally, but, signifies that some people will complain about everything).

TP2000Oct 08, 2014

Well, there we go. :rolleyes: What was the point of this rehab anyway? Was it only for the safety nets in the Tree of Life?

TB4244Oct 07, 2014

Noooooo!!! :cry:

WendigogoOct 07, 2014

I was there Friday afternoon and nothing seemed different besides the fact that Hopper was broken (VO only, no animatronic). Nobody else seems to have mentioned that, though, so maybe it was a one-show fluke.

TB4244Oct 05, 2014

Sounds as if it was converted to digital then, great news. Also it sounds as if the AAs were sorted too.

MarkTwainOct 05, 2014

If the film quality has dramatically improved as some have said, then it's likely it went digital. Here's hoping. Disappointing about the nets though. :bored:

Clamman73Oct 05, 2014

It looked good as if it was a brand new attraction. Didn't detect flaws in the movie or the show itself. Same thing as with PhilharMagic. But no clue if actually digital now.

TB4244Oct 05, 2014

That's encouraging :)

Andrew COct 05, 2014

Just asked my DW if she noticed anything different (without telling her it was under refurb). She said the quality of the picture seemed a lot better than she had remembered. So I assume they did something with the film.

TB4244Oct 05, 2014

The actual film itself was is very poor shape in May 2013 when I last saw it. It was very fuzzy and out of focus. Has this been improved?

afar28Oct 05, 2014

Wow, the nets still being there are very disappointing. And not even digital? Wow

Andrew COct 05, 2014

I was there on Monday. I didn't even realize it had been closed for refurbishment so I was not checking anything. I did not notice anything new. The show seemed to be the same from what i can remember. The nets in the queue are still there.