PHOTOS - 'Inside Shanghai Disney Resort' exhibit now open at Epcot's China Pavilion

Jun 17, 2016 in "Inside Shanghai Disney Resort"

Inside Shanghai Disney Resort overview
Posted: Friday June 17, 2016 5:29pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Celebrating yesterday's grand opening of Shanghai Disney Resort, Epcot's China Pavilion is now hosting a new exhibit.

'Inside Shanghai Disney Resort" offers a look at the park and shows off some of the details that make it so unique.

The 'Inside Shanghai Disney Resort" exhibit can be found in the location of the former Tomb Warriors exhibit, adjacent to the Reflections of China pre-show area.

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RSoxNo1Jun 19, 2016

Looks like a smaller scale version of what was visible at the D23 Expo.

BrerJonJun 18, 2016

It should be called "This is what your kind donation has paid for".

ElectricsoupJun 18, 2016

All true. It's the only park I rip apart and write letters to Iger in my mind during my trip through. Universe of Energy, Body Wars, Figment, Oddessy, the HUGE area in front of the fountains + the unused stage (never mind the fountains) - ALL ripe for actual content. I see so much potential wasted, and it makes me sad.

DaveeeeedJun 18, 2016

World Showcase is beautiful for sure, and the park just does have wow factor too it, but in the case of future world it is just so outdated. Animal Kingdom doesn't have that problem, and nor does Hollywood Studios. They may need knew things, but nearly all that they have still works today, while Epcot I can name nearly a dozen attractions that are severely lacking. And the Land's interior needs a re skinning etc. Exteriors pretty much everywhere are fine or fantastic, but the interiors is what's the main problem for FutureWorld. So it is still a joy to walk through it and go eat at Via Napoli in the evening before the fireworks, but as a whole the park needs help badly.

ElectricsoupJun 18, 2016

While there's a lot to update for sure, I still love the park. And both of my kids choose it above all others as their favorite.

DaveeeeedJun 18, 2016

It is actually really sad. It used to be my favorite park, but even if you put rides aside the whole thing is just so damn outdated. I would honestly love to see Epcot just completely update FutureWorld to make it future even moreso than get a new ride.

Prototype82Jun 18, 2016

Epcot is a joke at this point.

DaveeeeedJun 18, 2016

Definitely, or maybe STAR WARS HAHA. They actually may add it once SW land opens. It'll be in the same park.

Mike SJun 18, 2016

I hope so. That would be amazing to see.

BoltJun 18, 2016

This makes me curious because I wonder what will be installed during the One Man Dreams refurbishment. Maybe the Pandora model.

wdwgreekJun 18, 2016

Looking forward to seeing the model in person to get an idea of the scale of everything. Isolated pictures are great but being able to see the birdseye perspective would be great!

ElectricsoupJun 18, 2016

You lot will label me for sure as overly optimistic, but I'm hopeful that the investment made in Shanghai will come back to the stateside resorts in short time.

WondersOfLifeJun 18, 2016

Should rename it: "Inside the reason why WDW has so many budget cuts." I guess it technically is called that... It's just long for "Shanghai Disneyland."

DaveeeeedJun 18, 2016

I have a friend that went to Shanghai Disney Resort opening day (he is a foreign exchange student at my school, so he lives in Shanghai normally). He said the videos of the castle doesn't do justice to the size (which he posted on Instagram and he said looks even larger in real life). He also mentioned that Buzz was better stateside, and pirates was his new favorite ride. You guys got any questions, I could ask him as he is probably there right now.