New exhibit to open inside Palais du Cinéma alongside updated Impressions de France and Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along

Jan 13, 2020 in "Impressions de France"

Posted: Monday January 13, 2020 11:17am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The France pavilion's Palais du Cinéma will reopen Friday January 17 with an updated Impressions de France movie and an all new “Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along” directed and produced by Don Hahn, producer of the animated and live-action “Beauty and the Beast” films.

Along with the new sing-along and upgrade of Impressions de France to 4K projection is a new exhibit inside Palais du Cinéma. “Tales as Old as Time: French Storytelling on Stage and Screen” offers six distinct gallery cases featuring a collection of costumes, music, artwork and more, all dedicated to the adaptation of French literature in cinema, theater, ballet and opera. The exhibit reinforces how French literature has inspired artists from around the globe, including those who created timeless Disney classics such as “Sleeping Beauty,” “Cinderella” and, of course, “Beauty and the Beast.” Items on display from the Walt Disney Archives include a glass slipper from the live-action “Cinderella” film and Belle’s costume from the live-action “Beauty and the Beast.” Community arts organizations from Florida also contributed pieces to the exhibit.

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gustaftpJan 20, 2020

That’s because it isn’t 4K, nor is a 4K image being displayed on those screens. I reckon that term just keeps popping around because it’s the latest for home theatres and people who don’t know about projection technology want to somehow express that it will look better than it did before.

MaximumEdJan 19, 2020

4K is a resolution. Format refers to projectors used and aspect ratio of the film.

rreadingJan 15, 2020

But it's not just Disney storytelling. They haven't touched some of the productions showcased. And fwiw, the ones they have - like The Three Musketeers - don't appear to be referenced with this exhibit. Looks great! Now if only it would lead into Impressions de France more often....

rreadingJan 15, 2020

Agreed. If they were to do day/night, then they could have at least switched to IdF at 5PM. This is a pretty tight window and will often be impossible due to our dinner plans.

The Empress LillyJan 14, 2020

Looks like a great exhibit. I'm not enamoured by Disney's new EPCOT theme of 'global culture culminating in Disney storytelling bringing us all together'. Which is the theme of WS, SSE, HarmUs. But outside that context a neat looking exhibit.

ravenJan 14, 2020

I worked on that Garden Theatre production! :)

DABIGCHEEZJan 13, 2020

Unfortunately IP wins over historical and cultural experiences these days.

GainesvillainJan 13, 2020

Kind of bummed by the schedule too. I kind of assumed it would be an alternating kind of schedule, not one all day and one only at night. I get it, but don't like it.

trainplane3Jan 13, 2020

Since there's some movie discussion happening here: Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along will play each day from 11am to 7pm, with Impressions de France taking over in the evening from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. Total trash schedule. Edit: I know how and why this happened, just doesn't make it any better.

marni1971Jan 13, 2020

These are now the 3rd set of digital projectors the show has has and apparently it looks stunning.

MisterPenguinJan 13, 2020

Besides the month being a typo, this sing-along was announced along with new films for China, Canada, and The Land (Awesome Planet). Some sources said they'd all be ready by the time of the Arts Festival (Jan 17), however, when they were officially announced, the new 360 China film (Wondrous China) didn't get a start date. That left Land, Canada, and France (singalong) to start together on Jan 17. Since it was announced, the China film re-do is still in the works. Also, @marni1971 had indicated a new film for Impressions de France is also still in the works.

Prototype82Jan 13, 2020

As a fan of the production value of Disney live action, I cannot wait to see some of those costumes up close! A good fit for France. I wonder if the gargoyle is still there.

ThatMouseJan 13, 2020

"4K" sounds like an odd format for a film that is actually 5 films on 5 screens. I guess I'll see it when I see it.

NunuJan 13, 2020

You and I both, my friend. 😄 Thank you for the exhibit pictures!