Figment meet and greet returning to EPCOT at Walt Disney World in a 'whole new way'

13 days ago in "Imagination! (Pavilion)"

Posted: Sunday September 11, 2022 5:04pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT will once again be home to a Figment character meet and greet.

Announced by Disney Parks chairman Josh D'Amaro at D23 Expo, Figment will be meeting guests by the end of 2023.

No marketing art was shown for the Figment character, but Disney later said in a blog post, "he's coming to life in a whole new way."

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Cmdr_Crimson2 days ago

Wish I could...But, here's hoping..

Magicart872 days ago

My God! How did I miss this? I was born in '87 and don't remember having to wear color-cordinated ovals on my face!?!

mitchk2 days ago

I shall do some investigating on the 1st of October …hope to see you there

Cmdr_Crimson2 days ago

Only way we would know that something was to slowly start happening is the mysterious reason they decide to close and move the DVC member lounge for unknown reasons, end and close the Disney+ film festival in magic Eye theater, and Mickey moves back to Communicore hall...While the other M&G's remain for a few more months before they close leaving Imageworks a shell of it's former self...That's what I think is how it's gonna go down..They'll just keep us in suspense without saying a word for a few more months until they state something..

RSoxNo13 days ago

This was the biggest tone deaf announcement of the entire weekend. Don't get me wrong, if this is a normal sized Figment meet and greet, that's a good thing. But the setup / announcement of this in the room absolutely led people in the room to think they were announcing Dreamfinder and Figment coming back as a ride.

MichWolv9 days ago

I think they said "whole new way" just to head off those (including me) who would be incensed at the idea of Figzilla coming back.

JohnD9 days ago

Yikes! Do they have a better frame image for that video?

mitchk9 days ago

I mean it honestly seems like the most logical thing is to make him like that baby Yoda because if it was just going to be a meet and greet remember the one we had before… figzilla … so if they were just gonna throw a life-size person into a costume I don’t think it would take until the end of 2023.. but I’m just guessing I haven’t heard anything specific

MichWolv9 days ago

I was guessing virtual (i.e., via magic shot), or animated. I could, however, see him popping out of a table or something like that.

mitchk9 days ago

I’m guessing they’re going to do this meet and greet the same way they’re doing it with the baby Yoda animatronic I just wonder who will be carrying it

trainplane310 days ago

MCO just being MCO about the recent news:

pdude8110 days ago

I'm assuming this is talking Mickey with either a robot that the voice comes from, or perhaps a Dreamfinder with figment animatronic puppet. I'd prefer the latter but who knows.

Cmdr_Crimson10 days ago

1st & 2nd seasons were 13 episodes aired on ABC 3rd season was 26 episodes Aired on Toon Disney

brb100610 days ago

If a The Proud Family was able to gain a revival series and Clone Wars gaining a final season for Disney+. Then you would think Disney would think of giving a similar treatment to House of Mouse. I can already seeing the revival taking place years after the club shutdown with the first episode showing Mickey and Friends deciding to reopen the place and bringing in newer Disney Characters that were introduced in 2002. I remember House of Mouse ended before Lilo and Stitch hit theaters, but I vividly remember playing a Toon Disney/Disney XD flash game as a kid based on House of Mouse (when it was moved to Toon Disney in the early 2000s) featuring Lilo and Stitch as guests.