Hyperion Wharf - Architecture and state-of-the-art lighting design

Nov 21, 2010 in "Hyperion Wharf"

Posted: Sunday November 21, 2010 8:53am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff
Since last week's exciting news about the complete redevelopment of Downtown Disney's Pleasure Island, we've obtained a few more details about some of the specific elements of Hyperion Wharf.

The former Pleasure Island will be divided into three neighborhoods that will comprise Hyperion Wharf  from the 1920's. The side closet to the Marketplace will be a port/shipyard, with Fulton's Crab House docked on the water, and a ferry terminal building. The side nearest the West Side will take on the feel of an amusement pier, and the center of the island with Raglan Road will be themed as an industrialized dockside wharf.  Mannequins Dance Palace will be redeveloped as a factory building.

The entire island will be decked out with the latest in lighting system design. The amphitheater on the waterside will feature a vintage Electro-Vision. Early in the day it will use simple incandescent lamps to display monochrome video in a yellow-ish light, and later during the evening it will transform into a modern LED-driven high definition display.

At sunset you will hear the sounds of generators sparking to life all around the island as the Wharf powers up it's 1920's lighting and comes to life. Later in the evening, the lighting will take on a more contemporary feel bringing in more color and depth.  Hyperion is the Greek god of light, and Disney intend to take lighting to new levels with this redevelopment of Pleasure Island.

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