Explanation of the cables

Apr 17, 2000 in "Horizons"

Posted: Monday April 17, 2000 by WDWMAGIC Staff
Information from Dean.
"The most likely use for these cables would be to perform a controlled 'implosion' of the building. The cables go from the outside walls to a pulley system at an anchor-point in the center of the building. The cables are threaded through the pulleys and then out the back of the building to a large bulldozer.

The 'dozer draws up the slack and puts tension to the cables. Demolition charges will then take out the building's main supports as the 'dozer is given the signal for full power. Because the cables go to the center anchor, the outside walls will be pulled inward. Look for this to happen shortly, but well after regular park hours. There is still a small risk of flying debris."

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