Cables being attached to the building

Apr 16, 2000 in "Horizons"

Posted: Sunday April 16, 2000 by WDWMAGIC Staff
16 April 2000: Cables being attached to the building

News from Mr Promey "...there were cables that had been bolted to the outside of the building. If you look at the pictures you can see the white spots on the building where they 'stuck' them. If you look even closer you can see the cables coming out of them. they look as though they are anchoring the building in some way. They are all located on the underside areas where the building extends outward and they all head down toward the ground. I couldn't tell if they were actually in the ground or attached to something else though because of the pesky black barrier." 

Onto the rear of the building "...The only thing currently behind the building right now is a backhoe. Also, there are no signs of any plans to block off that area of the road that runs behind all of the pavilions which is only feet away from the rear of horizons. The chain link fence that runs directly around the perimeter of the building is still up and intact as well.

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