VIDEO - Magic Kingdom debuts new Holiday Wishes New Year's Celebration firework show

Dec 31, 2015 in "Holiday Wishes"

Posted: Thursday December 31, 2015 8:30am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

New for the New Year's celebration at the Magic Kingdom this year is a double serving of special edition firework shows including the new Holiday Wishes New Year's Celebration.

In previous years, the park has shown Holiday Wishes early in the evening, with Fantasy in the Sky with New Year Countdown at midnight. This year, the showing of Holiday Wishes at 6:30pm featured 180 degree perimeter fireworks along with a special New Year's Countdown final tag.

Check out our video of the show below, and if you are in the park today, see the show at 6:30pm, and then Fantasy in the Sky at midnight.

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wdwmagicJan 01, 2016

Yep all the parks have upped their fireworks efforts. Great to see!

CrazydisneyfanlukeJan 01, 2016

I am enjoying the changes to the firework shows that have been introduced this year for Mk and DHS. It seems like they are going more all out with the shows.

tirianJan 01, 2016

Thanks for posting this! I look forward to these every major holiday. After working for them for years and catching all the big shows in person, nothing else compares, and nobody has better footage than WDWMagic. (Too bad that guy won't stop talking in the background. ;))

GhostHost1000Jan 01, 2016

Ya know this isn't a bad idea. Even tho it's technically not the start of 2016 at those times I'm sure several would rather see the fireworks than deal with the mass crowds for the actual countdown Maybe they should consider doing this the entire week even with the dance parties to thin out the crowds some? I don't know if it would or not but that might be what they are trying to see

Den CarterJan 01, 2016

The show looks amazing! Thanks wdwmagic for posting it... Does anyone else find it slightly odd that they'd tag on a new year countdown and Auld Lang Syne to a Dec 30 show as well as a 6.30pm show on Dec 31, though? Surely that should ONLY be at midnight?!

ItlngrlBellaDec 31, 2015

Yep! Someone on Facebook posted the same show from last night - countdown with Auld Lang Syne and all. A nice surprise for folks last night!

wdwmagicDec 31, 2015

Here is our video of the show