World Showcase promenade improvements move to the Germany pavilion at EPCOT

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Germany pavilion concrete work - June 12 2022
Posted: Friday June 17, 2022 8:02am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT's World Showcase beautification project is now underway at the Germany pavilion.

The concrete throughout the pavilion is being replaced.

The original pink concrete is being replaced with new textured designs which is a much more authentic look for the pavilion.

The Germany pavilion is operating as normal during the work.

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James Alucobond5 days ago

Now that I think about it, once Germany is done, Italy is probably next since they've redone the pavement at Morocco, France, Japan, and Germany in quick succession, leaving Italy as the only one surrounding America that hasn't been touched to my knowledge. I suppose it did get some attention when they put in the permanent gelato shop, though.

boufa7 days ago

Hopefully more than 1 person. I disagree with your premise that it's deliberate. I think it adds up mostly because we are used to it and it provides contrast between pavillions. With all of the glaring holes, I find it surprising that anyone thinks these pavilions have any sort of accuracy. They are suggestive of their home countries, and for the 90% of people who visit Epcot and will never get to these countries, they are close enough to do the job. (I will say that there is a street corner in Marseille, France that when I stood there recently for the first time I thought "This reminds me of Epcot")

Prototype827 days ago

I'm hoping the contrast in shape works as well. I can't agree more on the Old World feel of the stamped fan pattern. I do see this as kind of a misstep. But reserving judgement also. There's always going to be that one person who thinks we're overkill. lol. But the truth is that these pavilions have been telling a certain story for decades with very deliberate design decisions that all add up.

raymusiccity8 days ago

"I love the smell of fresh sidewalks in the morning!"

James Alucobond8 days ago

My experience has generally been that there’s a fairly organic mix that speaks to the evolution of the space over time. I am a bit mixed on this change as I liked the stamped fan pattern, but I think @Prototype82 is correct with regard to the fact that they just want a slightly more consistent and natural transition and will keep the charm of the stamped stone around the shop entrances and the back part of the square. I am kind of curious about how this will look when finished, though. There’s something that feels a bit geometrically weird about what they’re doing, but I’ll reserve judgment until they’re done.

Sir_Cliff8 days ago

My experience of particularly more historical towns and town centres in Germany has been more of cobblestones than these big pavers, which just look like theme park paving to me.

Prototype828 days ago

I had a mini freak out session when I saw the old world cobblestone being replaced with something generic. But on closer inspection it turns out St. George’s square will indeed still be a gray cobblestone- just in a new pattern. This cobblestone seems to frame the porch of the caramel shop as well. My guess is this is an effort to have something cohesive up to to the water rather than have the cobblestone stop at the pink pavement. So we’re looking at a blend of textures much like Morocco.

mikejs788 days ago

Really? This new pavement reminds me of Germany, especially some of the older areas.

Sir_Cliff8 days ago

I'm not so sure about this one. In the Japan Pavilion, the repaving seemed an improvement in terms of adding texture and detail to the pavilion. In this case, they seem to be replacing paving that's closer to what you would find in Germany itself with something that looks more like paving from a theme park. Discussing these kinds of things is what my life has come to, I suppose.

mergatroidMay 19, 2022

looks nice

Walt dMay 19, 2022

Yes the cover draws you in to it’ what is that over there??

Walt dMay 19, 2022

There ya’go!

HauntedPirateMay 17, 2022

This actually looks good.