New 'Forces of Nature' acrobatic show debuts at EPCOT

19 days ago in "Forces of Nature by AntiGravity"

Forces of Nature by AntiGravity show
Posted: Monday April 1, 2024 12:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new World Celebration Gardens at EPCOT is now home to a new acrobatic show - Forces of Nature.

Watch the video below to see highlights from the 15 minute Forces of Nature show. (4K YouTube).

Located in Inspiration Garden, closest to World Nature, you can watch acrobats perform incredible displays of strength, grace, and agility.

There are currently six shows per day, beginning at 10:15 am and each following hour, Saturdays through Wednesdays only.

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MisterPenguin17 days ago

Funnily, the tune was just featured in one of the recent X-Men '97 episodes...

Andrew2517 days ago

The Nightmare Queen 🤣

wdwmagic17 days ago

The lead performer is a seasoned theme park performer. She works at Art Defying Gravity for EPCOT Festival of the Arts, along with being part of HHM at Universal.

SaucyBoy17 days ago

I'm sure it's also taking some time to adjust to having a ton of people with phones just randomly pointed at every angel videoing you perform; particularly if they're used to being in venues where filming at the level we see in theme parks is generally not a thing.

note200117 days ago

I like the concept of this new show, and some of the more active parts are fun to watch. I think the women simply need more time to warm up to their roles, they seem stiff and not at ease.

The Empress Lilly18 days ago

I love it! I think this is superb. Weird, abstract, and as befits a Disney park: corny in any other setting but Disney. EPCOT, FW, needs a certain abstraction, for you to project your own imagination onto. In old EPCOT I'd have put this somewhere between Land and Imagination. Downsides: I'm not sure whether this really strengthens EPCOT's themes. Mainly because I no longer know what EPCOT's themes are, or even if it has any. I suppose it fits World Nature or whatever. Slightly too pole-dancey for my taste, never really thought that flatters female elegance.

Comped18 days ago

Back when WDE handled the entertainment, not the parks themselves... A better time for entertainment in the parks, surely. Did you know that there were plans to have an entire year-long alien contact event at Epcot, including covering the entirety of the lagoon in some kind of tarp as part of the latter stages? Was a whole thing, I have the details somewhere...

pigglewiggle18 days ago

I am ashamed.

Andrew C18 days ago


RSoxNo118 days ago

The Chinese acrobats have been amongst the coolest performers in EPCOT over the years, I'm glad they've added a similar performance.

pigglewiggle18 days ago

If it helps, we run the other way when the Dapper Dans come around.

TrainsOfDisney18 days ago

I wanted to like them just because so many old school Epcot fans liked them! But they were never my style haha.

Joel18 days ago

Enjoy your ban, heathen!

TrainsOfDisney18 days ago

Exactly. While I enjoyed the world showcase players I never liked Off Kilter but I knew they had their fans and people enjoyed them and was glad Disney offered high quality entertainment in each country. I will say though, Jammitors are so much fun it’s hard to imagine anyone not liking them!