Feathered Friends in Flight closing for refurbishment at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Aug 08, 2022 in "Flights of Wonder"

Posted: Monday August 8, 2022 9:34am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

'Feathered Friends in Flight' at Disney's Animal Kingdom will be closing for a brief refurbishment in September 2022.

The closure begins on September 11 through to September 24, reopening to guests on September 25 2022.

'Feathered Friends in Flight' lets you join animal behavior specialists at the Anandapur Theater for a behind-the-scenes look at the free-flying birds of Disney's Animal Kingdom.

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Cmdr_CrimsonAug 10, 2022

And also don't forget the exclusive limited edition fruit slushy or ice cream in bowls made by our Feathered Friends at Warung Outpost..

CaptainAmericaAug 10, 2022

I mean... Flights of Wonder was pretty perfect. Always, or at least since 2011 when I lived there. My wife worked in zoos/aquariums/animal care and they were always hiring. They're avian specialists.

DisneyDebRobAug 10, 2022

This has always been,IMO , the most underrated show on Disney property. Forgetting the different versions they tried putting in. Always been a must do for us at Ak. Hopefully just some paint and sprucing up then back open.

jeanericuser001Aug 09, 2022

Sounds like that would make for a good joke souvenir to give someone. Sort of like the can of elephant dung that one zoo sold at one point. I can just imagine the surprises when people open it to find out if its real. hehe

RSoxNo1Aug 09, 2022

Bring back Guano Joe.

larryzAug 08, 2022

Expect to find Genuine Performing Bird Guano available in 6-oz bags at the nearby Mandala Gifts Emporium... only $19.95 (plus tax, theme park admission required).

MichWolvAug 08, 2022

Glad to hear the likelihood of changes is low. Took them awhile (and a pandemic) to get the show right. I didn't know it was a third-party operator. That's interesting. Has it always been a third-party, or only since the pandemic re-opening?

jeanericuser001Aug 08, 2022

I bet they want to setup a meet and greet location so after the show they can charge people to get some pics with the birds.

JoeCamelAug 08, 2022

Joe sez no....

JohnDAug 08, 2022

That says a lot that a show operated by a third party is better than something run by Disney.

wdwmagicAug 08, 2022

I can't see any changes coming. The show is popular once again, and is being operated by a third party for relatively low costs. I think it will just be maintenance.

JohnDAug 08, 2022

Yeah. Let's hope it's just to spruce up, give the cast and birds a break, and clean up the bird poop.

MisterPenguinAug 08, 2022

They need to remove the benches and get an earth-mover in there to get up the mounds of guano.

ChrisRobin124Aug 08, 2022

WE saw this for the first time in April and absolutely loved it!