Maleficent Returns to Disney's Festival of Fantasy Parade at the Magic Kingdom

Jan 25, 2019 in "Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade"

Maleficent Steampunk-inspired Dragon for Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade
Posted: Friday January 25, 2019 10:55am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Maleficent makes her triumphant return to Disney's Festival of Fantasy parade today at the Magic Kingdom.

The float looks the same as always, but includes enhanced safety features for the flame effects. Also returning to the parade are Prince Phillip; the Fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather; and the mischievous “Ravens” who fly around Maleficent.

The 35ft long and 26ft tall steampunk-inspired dragon has been missing from the parade since it caught fire on May 11 2018.

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Phil12Feb 16, 2020

It's very complicated. You really need to understand the complex physiology of dragons. The flammable fluid is stored in the rear rectus abdomini region of the body.

Josh HendyFeb 16, 2020

Overheard in a shop near the parade route: "Bag of marshmallows and a selfie stick please ..."

cjkeatingFeb 16, 2020

It was just the head that set on fire? Along with damage to the neck. Why would it all need to be replaced?

spectrodannyFeb 15, 2020

wow! that must've required some MAJOR cosmetic surgery.

peter11435Feb 13, 2020

It was mostly the old one.

spectrodannyFeb 13, 2020

someone correct me if I'm wrong, but when Melificent returned to FoF, that was a brand new version, right? (I HIGHLY doubt there was ANY way to salvage the old one.

BellaSweet8384Feb 13, 2020

lol I was there when she caught on fire the first time.. heading there again in a little over a week.

SquishyFeb 13, 2020

The neck movement seems to be breaking down often, was broken a few times last week, during the villans after hours & today. But today they left the neck in the upwards position so it could breath fire.

SpectroBroFeb 23, 2019


Disney AnalystFeb 23, 2019

FYI Malefecient always had many no fire shows. I believe it always turns off during wind.

TTA94Feb 20, 2019

There are probably 4 scenarios, 1. WDW has no desire to have anything DL has. 2. DL has had a grudge against WDW and would never let WDW touch their parades again. 3. WDW is determined to not have a parade of lights going down their parade route until October 1st 2021 lol, or 4. They have no desire to ever have a nighttime parade again. More going with number 2. and 3. Lol

dreamfinder912Feb 19, 2019

I must be the only person who breathed a sigh of relief at the lack of nighttime parade ESPECIALLY with how difficult it is to watch Happily Ever After...I used to hate having to dodge the parade or parade crowds, and with how the projections for HEA practically force you to camp out on Main Street to even get a chance at seeing that half of the show...yeesh. I'm quite glad for the lack of impediment the parade and its crowd always shoved on us. It's nice to not have to put that teeny effort into "okay but if we eat now we have to hide out here until after the parade" or "no we can't stop that thing steps off in 5 minutes GO GO GO"

DisoneFeb 19, 2019

No flack?? Have you been reading this thread?

jrhwdwFeb 19, 2019

STILL CAN'T BELIEVE that MK got no flack for not replacing or at this point, grabbing whatevers backstage at DLR now!