Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade drops to one performance per day this fall

Sep 22, 2022 in "Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade"

Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade returns March 9 2022
Posted: Thursday September 22, 2022 9:07am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade at Magic Kingdom will move to one performance per day starting in October 2022.

Currently performed twice per day, at 12pm and 3pm, Festival of Fantasy will move to a single performance at 3pm from October 9 2022.

The single 3pm parade performance is the typical schedule, but since its return to Magic kingdom in February 2022, there have been two showings each day.

Also, effective October 9, Mickey's Celebration Cavalcade gains an 11:55am performance.

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jrhwdw17 days ago

Easter Pre Parade is the same as the last 2 years! :) So nice to see the Trolley Dancers!!.........Even if it's only 2 Days out of the Year.......Sigh!!!

jrhwdw26 days ago


jrhwdw27 days ago

So.....MK will be back to No Entertainment between the 4PM MMFF and HEA! Plus, only 1 performance of the "current" FOF! Brilliant MK!!!! Rollseyes!!!! Honestly!!!

DCBaker27 days ago

Upcoming parade time changes in Magic Kingdom: Beginning April 7, the Festival of Fantasy Parade will have one 3pm performance daily through at least May 4, 2024. Also beginning April 7, Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade moves to two performances daily in the morning at 10:30am and 11:45am, through at least May 4, 2024.

SquishyMar 12, 2024

They're gonna use it as b-roll footage for the imagine a new daytime & nighttime parade rolling down main street segment of D23 this year.

DisneysonMar 12, 2024

I can imagine a new parade “in production” would be a great low-lift for a D23 announcement. They wouldn’t have to make good on the promise for two years. If they want the crowd to roar they’d also announce a nighttime parade (returning or new). If they want to instantly fix the current perception that the parks deliver less value than the past and have an interest in redeeming their image as the preeminent vacation destination, they would bring back parades at all four parks with great fanfare.

DisneyDodoMar 12, 2024

It’s about time someone shows these ladders some respect. People have been walking all over them for too long.

EricsBiscuitMar 12, 2024

Their reward for all their hard work during construction.

UniversalIsMid98Mar 11, 2024

It's been all but confirmed that Merida and her Brave unit won't be coming back to this parade: according to a user on that site that used to have a blue bird on its logo On a side note, If Merida is staying in the Adventure Friends Cavalcade for the remainder of its run, to the entertainment department/runs this once a day offering, put Moana back on the float and make Merida walk 100% daily alongside her other Pixar colleagues, not every once in a while like the entire month of May(like last year), and begin plans to phase out Elena of Avalor from the parks permanently ASAP, because her show ended and is no longer on reruns

DCBakerMar 11, 2024

Ladders had a prime viewing spot for the 3pm Festival of Fantasy parade today. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/53581755216_c337e9e7c2_o.jpg

McMickeyWorldMar 10, 2024

It's quite sad, the current state of the parade :(

SquishyMar 10, 2024

Atleast they would switch it up every 5 years instead of keeping the same thing running.

jrhwdwMar 10, 2024

Nope. The Floats for those 3 Parades ran 2001-2014.

UniversalIsMid98Mar 09, 2024

Aka: The abridged, pandemic version of a once fresh and colorful parade, that didn't even bother bringing back an entire unit(thanks to Adventure Friends snatching away that film's leading lady who shouldn't even be featured in that cavalcade anymore for that), the dancers that still haven't returned and either replaced with nothing or two cast members watching the generic Storybook Circus CM costumes holding the rope at the end that shouldn't be a thing(the two ladies with the blue hair was way more magical), and had two songs from its soundtrack in the finale removed for reasons and awkwardly having instrumental notes take their spot instead of adding a new verse like what DL did for Magic Happens it's a shame that FOF is not the same as it was, I honestly wouldn't be shocked within a year from today that parade would either have its final performance and/or had its replacement announced, bc, I don't see this last any longer