Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade drops to one performance per day this fall

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Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade returns March 9 2022
Posted: Thursday September 22, 2022 9:07am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade at Magic Kingdom will move to one performance per day starting in October 2022.

Currently performed twice per day, at 12pm and 3pm, Festival of Fantasy will move to a single performance at 3pm from October 9 2022.

The single 3pm parade performance is the typical schedule, but since its return to Magic kingdom in February 2022, there have been two showings each day.

Also, effective October 9, Mickey's Celebration Cavalcade gains an 11:55am performance.

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Starship8242 days ago

It’s projected to go through WDW specially the EPCOT and Hollywood studios area

jrhwdw3 days ago

Let's make sure Ian doesn't hit DHS..........

Surferboy5673 days ago

Surprised we haven’t seen an announcement for Fantasmic yet. Surely it has to be announced soon?

SpectroBro7 days ago

Rehearsals are for F!, the change beginning Oct 9 is unrelated.

Starship8248 days ago

Disneyland does it cause they don’t have room backstage to house a parade in the area in town square and can’t bring it to the regular storage without going through the park again so they have to do two parades, Magic Kingdom doesn’t have this problem so they can do as many parades as they want.

jrhwdw8 days ago

How far in advance do we need for Gene+? Would be nice if we got a real Date(baring no problems of course)next week(end) to distract from Epcot's non 40th??????

wdrive8 days ago

No and I don’t believe it is coming back at all

DisneyDreamer088 days ago

Is the Merida float back yet?

ToTBellHop8 days ago

Surely. They’ll need to announce a date soon. It should reopen in less than 6 weeks.

mattpeto8 days ago

We need a tick and tock update from @marni1971. I guess we are at Tick.

jrhwdw8 days ago

Great!!! So why the change starting Oct 9th?

SpectroBro8 days ago

Full rehearsals have been ongoing for 2 weeks now.

jrhwdw8 days ago

I can see that! It just that MK doesn't usually believe in 2 Parades a day unless it's a Holiday or a Night Parade. DL does it way more.

ToTBellHop8 days ago

I’d rather one FoF with a full cast!