Two performances of Festival of Fantasy Parade on December 15

Dec 07, 2018 in "Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade"

Posted: Friday December 7, 2018 9:03am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

December 15 looks set to be a very busy day at the Magic Kingdom.

Operating hours for that day are 8am to midnight, and Disney has taken the unusual step of adding a second performance of the Festival of Fantasy parade.

The first parade steps off at 11am, followed by the usual 2pm parade. Double day parades typically only occur during the Christmas week, with Once Upon A Christmastime Parade taking place twice each day.

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AndyS2992Dec 13, 2018

Been tracking wait times for the last several months and the place has been slammed every day except for a two week period in early November, really puts me off wanting to go sadly.

BigartDec 12, 2018

High attendance predicted at Magic on Saturday (75,000+); no Christmas party Saturdays mean big day numbers, and with no more "Move it Shake it" Street parties they need to run 2 Festivals to fill in the gap (parades help pull people away from the outskirts of the park)

SpectroBroDec 07, 2018

Weekends have been SLAMMED

danlb_2000Dec 07, 2018

Cool. now you get two opportunities not to see the dragon. ;)

m steveDec 07, 2018


peter11435Dec 07, 2018

Not yet

m steveDec 07, 2018

Has the dragon returned to the parade yet???

jrlang1Dec 07, 2018

It seems early for high attendance numbers.

SpectroBroDec 07, 2018

Due to high projected attendance and no street parties.