New construction walls block most of the World Celebration to World Showcase walkway at EPCOT

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Construction walls from World Celebration to World Showcase - January 31 2024
Posted: Wednesday January 31, 2024 12:34pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new set of construction walls has popped up in EPCOT over the last week, blocking most of the walkway between World Celebration and World Showcase.


The new walls extend outwards from the still-under-construction CommuniCore Plaza and are met with new walls coming from the side of the walkway from the direction of World Discovery.

Behind the walls, crews are working on replacing the concrete, which is still the old EPCOT pink color.

There will likely be more disruption in the coming months, as work will have to move further along the walkway to replace the concrete throughout the area.

At peak periods, the construction walls are creating a significant bottleneck to the new World Celebration Gardens, and the best option may be to use the Rose Walk pathway into World Nature or use the walkway alongside The Odyssey and through World Discovery.

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aladdin200714 hours ago

the entire area really but the planter irks me that that was the best they could do and spend money on

Chef idea Mickey`=14 hours ago

Are we actually pointing at the planter for everything we lost😁

aladdin200714 hours ago

nice, but still dislike that measly/inferior shall I continue planter, to think what we lost for that...........

Disney Analyst22 hours ago

TheEPCOTHistorian3 days ago

The funniest part of these signs is the fact that their illumination is controlled by a small silver switch on the concrete base. I love just sitting and watching people turn them on or off as they pass.

tparris3 days ago

Most of the tall signs around world celebration are already having lighting issues, some of them are only partially lighting up while others aren’t illuminating at all at night

DCBaker3 days ago

Photos updates from a rainy Saturday.[url=][url=][url=]

MagicHappens19713 days ago

Some are speculating now that Epcot will be Festival-less this summer.

Chef idea Mickey`=3 days ago

Is there still the rumor out there of curiosity as to why this year the Flower and Garden festival will end sooner than last year and the year before.. some peeps are speculating a new festival.?

Epcot82Guy3 days ago

There will be new (higher) pricing... isn't that enough for you?

Chef idea Mickey`=4 days ago

WHOAH! I literally never thought of both the fountain of nations show along with SE Beacons of Light THAT!* now it's making me even more sad. Thanks for bringing that up!

Indy_UK4 days ago

Not a surprise considering Epcot is just a year round festival cash cow but something new would have been nice

TheEPCOTHistorian4 days ago

’Why is that sidewalk just a sidewalk?! We could fit 6 more festival booths here!’ - Jeff Vahle on any given day.

James Alucobond4 days ago

Looks like half of the area by the rose walk will soon reopen with a new booth.