Construction walls removed at the new EPCOT festival kiosk area

Feb 28, 2024 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT World Celebration kiosk area walls removed
Posted: Wednesday February 28, 2024 9:28am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction walls have come down around part of the new festival area in EPCOT's World Celebration.

The area alongside the rose walk includes one of the Flower & Garden Festival kiosks, Florida Fresh.

A large section of the new area remains under construction and is behind walls.

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Epcot82Guy3 hours ago

I understand your sentiment. And I think you may have nailed it right here. The big issue is the amount of time, energy and hype that has gone into the park. To create something that seems fine or nice enough. I agree there is a lot of rehashing. The challenge is, for people who really enjoyed what WDI used to create, it's tougher to get excited for a lot of these. So, you slip into negativity. IMHO the company is really struggling with its size, an overinflated management team getting in the way of creative, and a corporate attempt to be safe and inoffensive - while also potentially over relying on data. They are trying to run parks like you run a shopping experience and/or theatrical experience. Physical spaces require a different form of vision and creation. And, I think some of us see that in many of the projects. Again, I can completely understand your point. And, I think complaining should always involve suggestions for improvement. You can never please everyone, and it's clear Disney doesn't care about message boards beyond being a free advertising source. But, for people who love what the company used to do, it's the only space that exists for that hope. I think that may underly a lot of what you are seeing.

ToTBellHop3 hours ago

I don’t honestly have the patience to wade through all of these absolutely remarkable posts, so can someone tell me if they have fixed the color changing lights around the central planter?

Moth4 hours ago

I think it's perfectly adequate and there are bigger sores in EPCOT as of now. I think it serves an alright job even if I think the Walt statue is a smidge tacky. I think the extra greenery makes the park feel more 'alive' at least.

retr0gate4 hours ago

Right, that's been my attitude towards the whole thing. It's not the most groundbreaking thing in the world but it doesn't really need to be? There are far worse things in current EPCOT to be upset about

Moth4 hours ago

I think I miss the pin-trading purple canopies (is that what they were?) but like, other than that from what I can see? It's fine. It's okay.

retr0gate4 hours ago

Not to beat a dead horse but what's frustrating for most members here (including myself) isn't that people have negative opinions of the new central plaza - that's their prerogative. It's that that we have to scroll through the same comments over and over that provide little to no value to the overall conversation. Instead of making the same unfunny joke for the 5th time in a row, maybe use that energy to provide valid criticism of why you don't like the new hub. I like it from the photos I've seen so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing it in person for the first time next week. I do agree that it leaves a bit to be desired, but we have a pretty solid foundation now if they ever choose to expand upon it (without needing to wall off the entire center of the park again). Whatever way you look at it, this area is in a much better position than it was 10 years ago.

Disstevefan15 hours ago

Think of this space mobbed with queues of folks for both food booths. EPCOT today is all about food festivals selling $7-$12 food samples...

Horizonsfan6 hours ago

Typically on a site amenity project like this, outside of the actual new structure, the earthwork to regrade the area & utility construction costs are going to eat a lot of budget. Even more so than custom cast stone wall finish, a new statue or the visible light fixtures. Though those cost a pretty penny too.

wdrive7 hours ago

People only ‘hate’ stuff because they love it to begin with. Feel free to engage in conversation with any of these posters and ask specifics instead of a blanket statement saying no one is allowed to say anything negative

Disney Analyst14 hours ago

Some people should send their complaints directly to Disney, instead of beating a now very dead and pulverized horse on these boards, it’s practically a glue factory in here at this point. You’re making the same comments over, and over again. We get it. You hate it. Enjoy Vegas. Enjoy visiting gorgeous airports. Respect your fellow board members and stop repeating yourself.

Cmdr_Crimson15 hours ago

So, is this a place for fictional horned horses to party?

DreamfinderGuy15 hours ago

Lol that's poor phrasing on my part - I meant those are likely the most expensive elements of the central plaza area. In my head I was ignoring CommuniCore and focusing just on the new walkways.

lazyboy97o16 hours ago

You think a statue costs more than a building?

MisterPenguin17 hours ago

He wants us to see how WDW didn't put kiosks in a thruway creating a pinch point, but instead, created it's own space for them. Not only that, he wants to commend WDW for all that seating. He's looking forward the seasonal occupants of those kiosks.