Construction walls removed at the new EPCOT festival kiosk area

Feb 28, 2024 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT World Celebration kiosk area walls removed
Posted: Wednesday February 28, 2024 9:28am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction walls have come down around part of the new festival area in EPCOT's World Celebration.

The area alongside the rose walk includes one of the Flower & Garden Festival kiosks, Florida Fresh.

A large section of the new area remains under construction and is behind walls.

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CJR2 hours ago

I'm so happy to see that World Celebration finally had its water feature installed! Woo-hoo!

ChrisFL2 hours ago

I was there, 3,000 years ago

Figments Friend3 hours ago

Yay! Someone remembers!! 😍 -

TrainsOfDisney3 hours ago

Poor guys in Cali have to think about which parade! 1st one starts at small world and ends at the hub, then the 2nd performance it goes back to small world.

ChrisFL3 hours ago

Then at one point they reversed the parade, so it started at 3:00 on Main Street...think it was when I worked there around 2008?

TrainsOfDisney3 hours ago

While it is funny…. Disney Institute used this as an example and said the only wrong answer a CM could give a guest is “3:00” and the correct answer is “the parade starts at 3:00 at Frontierland and will arrive on Main Street at approximately 3:15 - you can view the parade on either side of the street within the roped off areas” The point that my instructor made was, they know it starts “at 3:00” - it’s your job to understand what they are actually asking - which is most likely where it starts, when it will arrive at the current location, and / or where can we watch it.

Cmdr_Crimson4 hours ago

At least Disney makes fun of the average park guest who has no clue..

TrainsOfDisney5 hours ago

It’s an attractive, on-theme addition that also helps welcome and guide guests as they arrive at a theme park. Of all the things to not like about the Epcot re-brand I don’t see the negative here.

Tuvalu6 hours ago

Thank you for expressing your opinion.

tparris6 hours ago

Flooding issues at CommuniCore Plaza.

James Alucobond6 hours ago

I’m not sure enhanced wayfinding is really worth complaining about, nor is improving it indicative of general trends in intelligence. There are plenty of things that humanity managed just fine with in the past that still had a lot of room for improvement.

Tuvalu6 hours ago

We saw the sign on Thursday. It never ceases to amaze me how dumb-downed society has become that a directional sign to the entrance is necessary. Guests arriving via bus have managed to find the entrance for decades. It’s not rocket science.

_caleb9 hours ago

I’m, it looks the same to me, one is staged, the other is not. I think it was foolish of them to open this to the public without staging, but what other differences are you seeing?

tparris9 hours ago Interesting seeing this signage installed, as there is still no new dedication plaque at the front of the park, and they just have a few potted plants sitting where the old one was for now. I’m assuming we’ll see a new one installed in the coming weeks.