PHOTOS - Work slowly resumes on the demolition of the EPCOT central core

Aug 27, 2020 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT Future World core demolition - August 27 2020

Demolition work appears to be back underway on the central core at EPCOT, although at a vastly reduced pace.

From spending some time around the area, most of the site appears to be inactive, but a handful of workers are present. Sounds can be heard inside some of the buildings, but it is difficult to isolate specific locations. Visually, workers can be seen using metal cutting torches on the upper areas of Mouse Gear.

The plans for the area remain uncertain, as Disney grapples with reopening the parks amid COVID-19 and balancing expenditure. Our most recent information suggests that the plans for the eastern side, which includes the former Mouse Gear, Electric Umbrella and Innoventions remain unchanged and will go ahead with new merchandise and food & beverage lcoations. However, the western side seems much more uncertain, with Disney already suggesting that the multi level festival building has been abandoned. The fate of the still standing Communicore building remains unclear.

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Article Posted: Aug 27, 2020 / 11:58am ET
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marni197158 minutes ago

marni19711 hour ago

SplashZander8 hours ago

If Epcot would run out of expansion space (which it has plenty of) they could easily replace it.

UNCgolf9 hours ago

See the World Showplace, which was supposed to be a temporary thing for the Millenium Celebration and has instead become a permanent fixture taking up former expansion space.

October8211 hours ago

Just hoping that placeholder doesn't last decades. In the past, an awful lot of temporary fixes have become permanent fixtures.

trainplane316 hours ago

Yep. I mentioned that same exact thing over in the 220 thread.

MisterPenguin16 hours ago

There's a hub fountain coming which is not Journey of Water which is just a straight up replacement for Fountain of Nations. The Journey of Water is, by my guess, a way to draw people to the underutilized Sea Pavilion. The once-planned but now discareded redesign of the hub opened up a swath from entrance to The Seas, and this is just filling that swath. It also, IMO, is a major upgrade to the design of what was once Future World. While the pavilions of FW had unique architectures that spoke to the theme of their attractions, the landscaping in front of them was pretty generic. Journey of Water will lead right up to the Seas and enhance its theme. Based on the last PR statement, it seems they're punting on a festival building and just putting a garden (with booths!) in it its place as a literal placeholder for now.

TheElectricUmbrella17 hours ago

The “press release” refers to the Space 220 dining location as being set in the ‘Centuari Space Station’. Subtle Horizons nod?

SplashZander17 hours ago

A "festival area" may be the best outcome at this point. If they make a glorified field with booths, it wouldn't be permanent, and I know, temporary attractions with Disney end up staying for decades but if the company is not ready to put something permanent that will stand the test of time, they should put nothing. If they want to slap a bandage on the area and then wait two or three years until they are more comfortable making investments, that's fine, but making a low effort structure without a predetermined plan of removal will be a long-term stain on Epcot.

Brer Oswald17 hours ago

I’d imagine they want to go back to the drawing board for Play. It seemed like a very...touchy feely experience by the looks of the concept art. One of the shots had then using Wii remotes. Perhaps they’re designing more experiences that can be hands free? I agree with your point about Moana. I love water features, and I am a fan of the way this project seems to be represented by a minimalist visual presence of the film content. However, it makes little sense to plop what I assume will look like a tropical jungle right between the middle of the park and the Seas/Land.

Bocabear18 hours ago

All the descriptions are so purposely they don't even have a handle on what anything they are describing means... I still don't get the Moana Splash area and fountain as making any sort of sense at the main convergence point of the park... Wouldn't it make more sense to build an actual Pacific Islands pavilion and have Moana's Journey Of Water as their centerpiece attraction? Everything described feels so short-sited and shoehorned... Like in 10 years they are going to have to tear it all down again and fix the mess they are making with it this go around...

harryk19 hours ago

Management is sooooo concerned about expenses that they will ultimately lose guests at the various parks. They always manage to find reasons not to continue with upgrades, new attractions, etc. Covid19 is just another excuse to stop. This is the time to get upgrades done, new attractions completed, renovations completed, etc. while attendance is down. But that is thinking and planning. Obviously management does not think that way and continues to want guests to walk through vast plywood canyons as they move from one place to another.

ThatMouse19 hours ago

I feel like they filled up the idea bag, but there's no dream port to take it back to because it's a DVC longue.

Sirwalterraleigh19 hours ago

Yoi... This sure seems like they are letting this devolve into another boondoggled mess aren’t they? It’s just Epcot...they always find “reasons” to pull the plug on renovations and let it rot some more.