PHOTOS - Work slowly resumes on the demolition of the EPCOT central core

Aug 27, 2020 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT Future World core demolition - August 27 2020
Posted: Thursday August 27, 2020 11:58am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Demolition work appears to be back underway on the central core at EPCOT, although at a vastly reduced pace.

From spending some time around the area, most of the site appears to be inactive, but a handful of workers are present. Sounds can be heard inside some of the buildings, but it is difficult to isolate specific locations. Visually, workers can be seen using metal cutting torches on the upper areas of Mouse Gear.

The plans for the area remain uncertain, as Disney grapples with reopening the parks amid COVID-19 and balancing expenditure. Our most recent information suggests that the plans for the eastern side, which includes the former Mouse Gear, Electric Umbrella and Innoventions remain unchanged and will go ahead with new merchandise and food & beverage lcoations. However, the western side seems much more uncertain, with Disney already suggesting that the multi level festival building has been abandoned. The fate of the still standing Communicore building remains unclear.

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James Alucobond5 hours ago

I think it might be unfinished. The two on the right still look like the original cream color, and if I recall correctly, each awning is also supposed to have a lighted sign advertising various Joffrey's products.

Epcot82Guy6 hours ago

I hate how much the one red, two white awnings trigger my OCD. 😄

DCBaker8 hours ago

mightynine9 hours ago

I believe the window area is the old Sperry/Aster VIP lounge, but don't quote me on that.

montyz8111 hours ago

thanks for showing this. I was trying to figure it out.

montyz8111 hours ago

Right. I know. It looked the same to me. I wasn't sure if it was the same part as we see here in the east building. the part with the black glass.

Nunu12 hours ago

As an international visitor, and although my country's flag wasn't there, seeing them made me feel welcome. Same goes for Fountain of Nations and watching I:ROE at the end of my Epcot days.

Epcot82Guy12 hours ago

The old one was definitely a bit dark, and this helps a lot. I do agree it is a little plain. That's part design style, but also reality. I think if they did something small with the logos would go a long way. Like adding all the logos in the white tiles, or adding flags with all the logos from the ceiling. Or doing the logos on that dark grey wall. There are a number of small fixes.

HauntedPirate12 hours ago

Right? Such a small thing to do, but too big for the "big thinkers" like TheZach.

Nunu12 hours ago

The space definitely looks brighter, more spacious and modern now. Only thing for me is, I would've liked to see the 'flags theme' incorporated in a discreet, elegant way. A narrow 'flags' trim at the top of the wall, would've been a nice touch, imho.

Vegas Disney Fan12 hours ago

I had the same thought, so much brighter, the white on top really brightens up the whole space.

Casper Gutman12 hours ago

Seems like a lateral move, although I really like that old carpet.

SplashZander13 hours ago

Yes. It's next to Creations Shop.