EPCOT's Auto Plaza refresh continues with new 'Welcome' lettering

Jan 25, 2023 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT Auto Plaza canopy refresh - January 25 2023
Posted: Wednesday January 25, 2023 11:41am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT's main entrance auto plaza is being updated, and the first of the new signage is now installed.

New "Welcome" lettering has been installed using the EPCOT Bold font, spanning the full length of the canopy.

Here is a look at the previous 'Welcome' lettering.

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CampbellzSoupFeb 11, 2023

So they finished this? That is so bland if that’s all they did.

trainplane3Jan 31, 2023

Concrete? Those are alucobond panels. Though I can understand why you'd see them like that. They look filthy and should've been washed prior to the new signage going on.

hopemaxJan 31, 2023

Visited today. There is just not good contrast of the “Welcome” lettering and the concrete behind. They only get readable when you get close. Unlike the blue letters. Not very welcoming.

tparrisJan 30, 2023

Thanks! Yeah, I was being a bit too hopeful that they were adding more, but now that I think about it they definitely look like lightning rods.

wdwmagicJan 30, 2023

Great spots! Definitely lightning rods on the EPCOT sign.

kevlightyearJan 30, 2023

Those sort of look like lightning rods to me. They seem too thin to be structural.

tparrisJan 30, 2023

Visiting the park today, I noticed two small new details on the parking plaza structure/signage. First of all (also the more insignificant change of the two), they’ve seemingly wrapped or changed the entire Alucobond(?) panel for the Disney Transport logo to change it from the old logo to the newer one. They also updated the clearance lettering (and the building address number) to the new EPCOT typeface. First picture is from @wdwmagic taken when the sign was installed and the second photo was taken by me today. You can see the panel with the new Disney Transport logo is much cleaner looking than the rest of the structure. The second change I noticed leads me to believe they’re not quite done here yet and may be adding more elements to the signage. When the main EPCOT logo sign was installed, there was nothing else on or around it, but today I noticed two poles of some sort protruding upwards from either end of the sign. I’m thinking they’re planning on adding something else to the sign, perhaps the classic five-ring flower logo? First photo is again from wdwmagic, second photo from me.

MisterPenguinJan 28, 2023

mightynineJan 28, 2023

Ok, “Dory 404” is a good one, I’ll give them that.

MisterPenguinJan 27, 2023

It's what they did before.

AylaJan 27, 2023

OMG Talk about minimal effort. That is embarrassing. 🙄

Vegas Disney FanJan 27, 2023

Epcot really needs to invest in a quality pressure washer, it would have added one day to the installation process to blast off the old names first. Instead you have the Discover Crush 204 14 parking area. It just looks sloppy.

MisterPenguinJan 27, 2023


HauntedPirateJan 27, 2023

But think of the cost!!! That would likely take $50 million and take the toll plaza out of service for at least 6 months. ;) I could get behind that, in all seriousness. Something more than the absolutely minimal effort put forth for what's now there.