New kiosks in EPCOT World Celebration Gardens are to become Festival Markets

Feb 23, 2024 in "EPCOT"

World Celebration Garden kiosks as Festival Market
Posted: Friday February 23, 2024 8:53am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The recently installed kiosks in the new World Celebration Gardens will be used as Festival Markets, at least for the upcoming International Flower and Garden Festival.


A Festival Market sign has been installed on one of the kiosks, along with what appears to be a smaller festival display currently behind a black covering.

The kiosks are likely flexible merchandise stands and will offer different products during each of the parks festivals and seasons.

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Disney Analyst2 hours ago

Pretty much why I called out the garbage critique. It’s from the usual characters who do not contribute to the boards in good faith, and actually wanting to communicate with the rest of us. Just relentless trolling, meme posts, rage farming, click-bait nonsense.

Sir_Cliff3 hours ago

I don't think you're realising that you're defending people who aren't arguing in good faith. It's entirely possible to join a forum and spam threads with relentlessly negative comments about something of which you're not a fan.

J45463 hours ago

New vids of the lighting in action look great. Can't wait for this to finally open and walla come down after 5 years. Then walls up at tt lol...and the little kiosk area by imagination pavilion.

Epcot82Guy4 hours ago

Given the current center of Epcot, I'm not sure discussing "lining up" is appropriate for a family site.

Cmdr_Crimson5 hours ago

It's off to the left.....But, just by a little bit...😉🤣

Mickeynerd176 hours ago

It would be just fine if it matched the surrounding architecture. Unfortunately, it does not, so it's sticking out like a sore thumb. I guarantee people will consider this structure ugly and outdated after 5-10 years.

Epcot82Guy9 hours ago

I'm going with "World Carbonation Activation Adventure: Bob's Tiana Bruno Refreshment Center... sponsored by Dasani.". Use of "Center" evokes the true spirit of Epcot.

Epcot81Fan13 hours ago

World Refreshment Station Celebration?

Disstevefan113 hours ago

You’re right we can’t have the word “gas” in the name, being a fossil fuel, that’s offensive now. How about- “World Celebration 7?, Yea, 7-Eleven Refreshment Station”

Cmdr_Crimson1 day ago

Only one thing and ONE THING ONLY will make amends with me on Communicore Hall..... That this is the only place we get to hear this In the interior area of the hall..

Epcot81Fan1 day ago

But it's a "Gas station 7 Eleven from the Future"! Or wait, "Gas station 7 Eleven of Nature"! Or is it "Gas station 7 Eleven of Celebration!"? What random, totally unthemed land are we supposed to be in again?

Casper Gutman1 day ago

If it was just the fully-formed Spaceship Earth triangles covering the facade, it would simply evoke “cynical exploitation of nostalgia for something we intentionally destroyed,” which is modern Epcot’s dominant mood anyway. The “deterioration” of the pattern is what makes it so gruesome, inescapably evoking decay and rot - and “designer who is way too pleased with their own cleverness.” Iger better hurry up and build something very substantial in Florida, because right now THIS is the embodiment of his legacy at Walt Disney World.

Casper Gutman1 day ago

In its worst moments Innoventions never evoked “dystopian futuristic.” “Vacant corporate meeting space,” perhaps - but that feeling is still there, now mixed with “rotting husk of beloved icon.”

Bocabear1 day ago

It makes me not want to care about it enough to even formulate a description... it's just ....meh. Yes the updated landscaping around it looks nice...and it has paint and operational things... The round stage looks weird and the quick serve window looks like anywhere USA.... It's a quick serve window.... Uninspired... but ok.... Maybe in person I will have a different opinion...