Height test balloons over Epcot today as plans for Epcot's Future World take shape

Jul 18, 2016 in "Epcot"

Plans to repurpose Epcot's Future World are taking shape, and early risers this morning may have got a glimpse of those plans.

We sadly don't have any photos to show, but early this morning before park opening, Imagineering conducted a height balloon test in Future World East.

Specifically, the balloons were floated near to the Universe of Energy, currently home to Ellen's Energy Adventure.

Those of you who have followed previous construction projects will know that height balloon tests are carried out to see how a building's sight-lines will impact the surrounding area.

Typically, high points and corners of the building are represented by balloons at the planned height of the structure, and then the visual impact is evaluated.

A Guardians of the Galaxy themed attraction is strongly tipped to be in the planning stages for this area of the park, and it may very well be that this attraction's structure was being evaluated today.

Unlike the recently opened Frozen Ever After that reused an existing ride system and building, the Guardians of the Galaxy attraction is thought to involve a new build, requiring the complete removal of the Universe of Energy ride system. The future of the actual building isn't clear at this point.

The closing and demolition of Energy would be a clear indication that management has a very different vision for Future World at Epcot, moving away from the original edutainment concept, and towards blockbuster franchises.

Disney has not yet made any announcement regarding Epcot's future projects.

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Article Posted: Jul 18, 2016 / 4:35pm EDT