PHOTOS - Center of Future World now closed and eastern bypass walkway opens

Feb 16, 2020 in "EPCOT"

Future World East bypass walkway
Posted: Sunday February 16, 2020 9:54am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The center of Epcot's Future World is now completely closed off as the final locations in that area close and a new eastern bypass walkway opens to guests.

Guests are being directed to use the newly created walkways on each side of Spaceship earth, with the right hand-side leading to The Seas, The Land and Imagination!, and the left-side walkway between Guest Relations and Gateway Gifts leading to Mission: Space and Mouse Gear.

Along with large signs around Spaceship Earth, Cast members are holding signs and advising people on the best walkway to take.

Heading past Gateway Guests, the new concrete design is in place on the ground - replacing the pink color with a stone concrete.

Guest Relations is as far as you can go before hitting a row of walls.

A sharp left turn takes you towards the Guardians of the Galaxy construction site.

The walkway ultimately puts guests by the new Mouse Gear and into Future World East.

The old breezeway is walled off.

New FastPass+ kiosks have been installed by Test track, and near to Nemo in Future World West.

With the closure of Electric Umbrella, Sunshine Seasons offers burgers, the Epcot Experience now serves chicken nuggets and salads, and the Taste Track kiosk will offer burgers and fries near to Test Track, although this is not yet open but expected soon.

Click the gallery for more pictures of today's Epcot Future World changes.

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tparris5 hours ago

Figments Friend10 hours ago

I was over at Epcot tonight and something caught my eye… Think I saw some light tests being done on the new Communicore Hall building. A few nights prior I noticed the lighted triangle panels and they were flashing like crazy through several colors. Tonight, for a short time I saw steady burning lights…all in the colors of the classic ‘EPCOT Center rainbow’…red, orange, yellow, purple. Looked nice. I was about to snap a photo to share here, but the moment I was about to the lights went out. Du’oh! Later in the evening the lighting was all green…did not look as nice. -

tparris15 hours ago

Unfortunately I feel like that’s not the case. I saw someone messing with the plastic(?) strip covering the lights earlier today and I could see another layer with the actual lights underneath that. There was a ton of water and condensation inside the layer with the lights so I believe they genuinely need to be completely replaced to ever fully work again

James Alucobond15 hours ago

My hope is that they’re slow-rolling it in order to attempt a re-launch when CommuniCore Hall opens, but I’m probably wrong.

tparris16 hours ago

Starting to see some signs of life in very small sections of the ground lighting… (They also need to worry about fixing the lights on SSE that have been out long before World Celebration even opened…)

monothingie21 hours ago

If only there were a place in Epcot that Celebracion Encanto would seamlessly and thematically fit right in and accentuate the cultural references.

Epcot82Guy22 hours ago

0%. That colorful wind IP is marked as problematic.

HauntedPirate23 hours ago

What are the chances those "colorful banners" will be displaced to a different part of the park by the wind? (Edit to correct a typo)

Jambo Dad1 day ago

hot dog with pineapple topping

Epcot82Guy1 day ago

Nah. They were just playing around...

Sirwalterraleigh1 day ago

…sounds like they really put their all into it

DreamfinderGuy1 day ago

All of it. Entire dome is mostly empty now.

Sirwalterraleigh1 day ago

The festivals were originally to draw - particularly locals - in off peak times But they’ve become wholly dependent on them…as they lament retrofitting the park for what?…going on 30 years now?

Cmdr_Crimson1 day ago

I do wonder how much of the center area was removed of the WoL pavilion after they started working on the Play pavilion considering for several years they were used for other festivals.