Epcot monorail beam refurbishment update

May 13, 2010 in "EPCOT"

Posted: Thursday May 13, 2010 10:43am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff
As big Epcot and monorail fans, we've been following this one closely, and today I'm pleased to report that the last few areas of the beam above the water are now completely finished and sparkling clean. We now have a gloriously clean monorail beam to look at in Epcot! The cleaned beam now stretches from Universe of Energy all the way around to the Living Seas. The beam looks fantastic, as good as new. Now let's hope the work can begin around the station and then all the way to the Magic Kingdom.

Just incase you had forgotten what it used to look like, here is a little 'before and after' from when the work first began back in February 2010.

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