Disney hikes the price of Mickey Bars and Dole Whip along with hundreds of other food and beverage items at Walt Disney World

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Disney World snack price increases - January 2022
Posted: Monday January 10, 2022 1:03ppm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new year has brought a new round of price increases at snack locations and restaurants throughout Walt Disney World.

Fan-favorite Mickey Premium Bar and Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches now cost $6.25, previously $6.

The legendary Dole Whip has gone up by a whole dollar from $5.99 to $6.99.

Mickey pretzels have increased from $7 to $7.50. Cotton Candy has gone up a quarter to $5.25.

Bottled soda has been bumped up to $5.

At the restaurants across Walt Disney World, the pricing of most menu items has increased by a couple of dollars.

While price increases are a normal part of business, they come at a difficult time as guests are asked to pay more and more for their visits to Walt Disney World through recent initiatives, including Disney Genie+, rising ticket prices, and increases to resort rates.

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HauntedPirate39 minutes ago

$3.99, but also $4.49 in many locations.

fgmnt5 hours ago

They were at $6 two weeks ago.

Lilofan8 hours ago

But what airport has a promotion such as when you clear the TSA checkpoint at Orlando MCO, then take the monorail to your gate and hear on the tram loudspeaker " This is Mayor Buddy Dyer and we hope you have enjoyed your Orlando experience".

Cesar R M8 hours ago

I wonder how much are the 5.65USD Star Wars "ball" coke bottles.

Diamond Dot9 hours ago

I once accidentally ended up at Central Orlando bus station having not got off at Sea World to change for the Florida Mall. I then had to catch another bus to get to the Florida Mall, I believe it was the Number 7 Lynx. Let me tell you, I saw parts of Orlando Buddy Dyer doesn't want the tourists to see.

Lilofan12 hours ago

One aspect of exploring the tourist corridor of International Drive where many South Americans, Brits etc stay in hotels that are lower priced than at WDW, one can shop at the many shops selling many items including Disney merchandise at a lower price.

Jrb197912 hours ago

Maybe it's me but when I go vacation somewhere I do like to explore the city. I hate feeling stuck in a bubble.

Lilofan12 hours ago

One can check out the world's largest McDonalds - Epic McD, on the corner of Sand Lake/I - Drive. It is a three story eatery, entertainment complex.

Jrb197912 hours ago

Yes. I enjoyed both parks and loved the coasters they have. I don't think Fun Spot is the place to be but it's worth checking out. All I was saying is there is so much to do outside Universal and Disney. Even I-Drive has lots to do. I'm amazed that so many never leave the bubble.

Diamond Dot14 hours ago

I agree, I like the outlets at the botton of I-Drive. Also Target and WalMart do a lot of Disney and US merch a good prices.

hismattjesty16 hours ago

A 20oz bottled soda has increased to $5 while fountain beverages seem to hover in the $3.99 range now.

Lilofan17 hours ago

One area where travelers can save some money instead of buying full priced merchandise at the theme parks is to drive to or uber to the Orlando outlet stores which I believe have Disney stores. Two of them come to mind. One shopping outlet is near the 417 Greenway Toll Road / I- Drive and the other big shopping outlet is at the far end of I-Drive that borders a very dangerous residential area near the Mall of Millenia. Traveling on a local city bus can open ones eyes to the sights that the Disney tourist rarely sees, but it is a good way to save money.

Diamond Dot17 hours ago

I agree, as a solo older female guest I go to Disney and stay onsite for the safety as much as anything else. I do take the Lynx bus down to the WalMart on 192 and never felt unsafe down that one, however, I have gone to the WalMart on Old Lake Wison Road and felt very unsafe at the bus stop there, the same with the Florida Mall, that used to be safe, but, last time I went it was scary. I do make myself aware of my surroundings and never make myself look like a tourist, nothing Disney or expensive items on me, my phone is clearly a cheap one. I am tempted to go check out the eateries by Publix at the Celebration Water Tower on this trip, but, as I have the dining credits I may not. I have no interest in travelling off site too much, I'm there for Disney at the end of the day.

Lilofan17 hours ago

I don't know what to tell ya, if one spends money on airfare, lodging, rental car , food and drink and thinks Fun Spot on I-Drive is the place to be. Some may just feel it is but not for my family and I . Just don't go one one of those side streets near Fun Spot ( Tangelo Park area, Oak Ridge , Americana , right near the upscale Mall of Millenia ). Definitely not a safe area to be in day or night.