World Celebration, the final piece of EPCOT's multi-year transformation, will open in December

Sep 09, 2023 in "EPCOT"

Posted: Saturday September 9, 2023 11:58am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has confirmed that the World Celebration neighborhood at EPCOT will begin welcoming guests in December 2023.

Disney says that World Celebration will unite the front of the park, tying together the other two new EPCOT neighborhoods, World Discovery and World Nature.

The completion of the last of the park’s three neighborhoods is the latest major milestone in EPCOT’s multi-year transformation.


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Sir_Cliff1 hour ago

Yeah, I think someone may have forgotten that is the complaint for the MK threads. The complaint for this thread is that there are too many trees and benches.

DCBaker19 hours ago

Photos from today. It appears the dying palm tree near the Mickey & Friends entrance was replaced and lighting tests were happening at the CommuniCore Plaza stage. [URL=''][IMG][/IMG]

Brian1 day ago

Epic username and comment.

James Alucobond1 day ago

I mean, it would be a welcome seating area considering everyone complains about eating on trash cans during festivals. That area is typically jammed up with booths. In Festival of the Arts alone, the area just north houses Deco Delights, Pop Eats, Deconstructed Dish, and whatever resides in Refreshment Port, plus they just added a new kiosk next door and potentially three more in CommuniCore.

J45461 day ago

foreal, theres way more trees now than ever, i am curious as to what the shade structure is for, more food? or just a giant seating area? Meet n Greets?

TheCoasterNerd1 day ago

What? There's so many more trees now than before. You remember the giant concrete abyss with the triangles above it? That's trees now. You remember Innoventions? That's Journey Of Water (with tons of trees) now

John park hopper1 day ago

Shad structure-----used to call them trees with benches until Disney ripped them all out

JordanBach_951 day ago

With the removal of Leave a Legacy it made sense to add a new war memorial I guess

JordanBach_951 day ago

I see they are going back to the rusty/ grunge aesthetic of 1998 Tomorrowland. I wonder if they will also plant some lettuce or maybe some orange trees so it can be a callback to Horizons!

Jambo Dad2 days ago

My God won’t someone think of the children!

JustInTime2 days ago

Unreal. Thank you!!!

Nunu2 days ago

Not yet, unfortunately. @tparris reported on this, last Monday:

JustInTime2 days ago

Did they ever get the color changing LED’s in the ground working again?