PHOTOS - Mouse Gear, Electric Umbrella and Innoventions North West demolition

Oct 09, 2020 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT Future World Central Spine demolition - October 5 2020
Posted: Friday October 9, 2020 2:40pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Click the gallery for a look at the demolition progress on the central spine of EPCOT's Future World.

Work is continuing on stripping the interior of Mouse Gear, with much of the structure now completely visible through from either side.

Demolition is moving further inside the former Electric Umbrella, including the removal of the second level seating.

A few small exterior areas have been removed from Innoventions North West, which was expected to be fully demolished to make way for the Moana gardens. It remains unclear what the revised plans are for this area.

Click the gallery for more angles of the Future World demolition.

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Haymarket20085 hours ago

Fantastic. The entry plaza has been a lovely place to congregate and watch the light shows on Spaceship Earth. To have that experience but on a bigger scale o the center of the park is going to be gorgeous.

Disney Analyst5 hours ago

Disstevefan114 hours ago

Oh boy, I never watched Frozen II! Now I have a reason!

MisterPenguin14 hours ago

Frozen II is based on that myth.

Disstevefan120 hours ago

See Water Memory Theory ;)

tparris20 hours ago

I was thinking about that too

IMDREW21 hours ago

Will the new area music and Epcot suite also debut dec 5th? Is that even still a thing?

tparris1 day ago

Drank it

vikescaper1 day ago

I wonder what they did with that water? 🤔

Dr.GrantSeeker1 day ago

I remember when they first announced this and they were going to build a smaller fountain and put back the water from the fountain of nataions. Glad to see that didn’t make the final cut 🫠🙄

HauntedPirate1 day ago

But... color-changing LED's!!! That can be bought off-the-shelf and programmed just like they did at Epcot. Such an imaginative, timeless and creative thing they did...

Virtual Toad1 day ago

Agreed, though the long telephoto picture does compress the depth. But the crowd flow concerns are definitely valid. On the whole, it seems more like a capitulation than a cohesive concept. Not sure what the message is supposed to be, other than "trees are good." Which is fine (I happen to love trees), but I can see literally the same thing in almost any modern urban core or suburban park. Which is why I call it capitulation. Instead of wowing us, knocking our socks off, exciting us about the endless possibilities for the future and/or the joy of discovery (or whatever the theme is now supposed to be), we get... trees. Safe, value-engineered (despite the cost) and relatively easy to maintain. Almost a "set it and forget it" mentality. Or a simple in-fill, returning the space to nature, because they couldn't come up with anything better. Is it nice? Sure. Is it worthy of its location in Epcot? For me, that remains an open question.

Casper Gutman1 day ago

It looks really… visually busy. Also kinda looks like a crowd flow nightmare.

MisterPenguin1 day ago

The original concept art had that center landscaping hosting whatever giant decorations of whatever festival is in progress.