EPCOT guests are queuing 60 minutes for a photo with the 'Walt the Dreamer' statue

Dec 05, 2023 in "EPCOT"

'Walt the Dreamer' statue queue - December 5 2023
Posted: Tuesday December 5, 2023 11:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

One of the longest waits in EPCOT this morning is for a photo with the new 'Walt the Dreamer' statue.

Cast Members are advising guests that the queue length is around 60 minutes as of 11:30 am.

The queue winds through a series of switchbacks behind the statue at Dreamers Point, in the newly opened central core of EPCOT in World Celebration.

Surprisingly, there is no Disney PhotoPass photographer today, although that seems likely to change in the future.

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Chef idea Mickey`=6 hours ago

We all sorta get the over use of Figment nowadays* but showcasing Horizons is very interesting.. 🤔

zipadee9997 hours ago

Horizons being there is just a gut punch

aladdin20078 hours ago

I think they have some problems on their hands that are going to have to be addressed.

aladdin20078 hours ago

was thinking the same thing just before I saw your post...

HauntedPirate8 hours ago

Walked through the center spine tonight. Lights on the ground were on but not changing colors with what was on SSE. However, I only saw part of one show, so it was a very small sample size. Not impressed with what I did see. Lighting is needed on the paths, they are rather dark. Most people seemed to be trying to get from A to B without caring what was there. Again, brief time there so small sample size. Irritated with some of the things chosen in the front half of the park. Talking about inspiring guests but using bits of a ride that has been gone for 25 years in conjunction with the bastardization of the park’s icon seems… disingenuous, at best. The BGM lacks punch in person, confirming my thoughts when listening to it on the interwebs. Fine for an aquarium or city science center.

Bocabear9 hours ago

The mural is like "Hey look at all the fun things you loved about EPCOT that we removed or shuttered!...lol Enjoy your corporate office park setting.

Disney Analyst11 hours ago

Chef idea Mickey`=2 days ago

so agree! wow it's turning out better than I thought. I thought all the triangle panels would be filled and Grey but no.

J45462 days ago

I'm quite a fan of the aesthetic of this new building so far. Just wish it wasn't taking so long


Those new kiosks kind of remind me of the world key kiosks

Disney Analyst2 days ago

michmousefan2 days ago

Love this little detail of SSE reflecting in the panels here:

Chef idea Mickey`=2 days ago

Since they are elegidly opening Flower and Garden as the first time festival with World Celebration wishing next year they move all the art booths next to the countries here instead since the art put there has no relations to the countries and makes Epcot look like a flea market. Putting it here in WC is perfect! 🤗