New landscaping arrives in the long-vacant area near EPCOT's Guest Relations

May 02, 2023 in "EPCOT"

New Landscaping near EPCOT guest relations
Posted: Tuesday May 2, 2023 11:40am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

New landscaping is being installed this week in EPCOT's World Celebration in the empty area next to Guest Relations.

The area has been empty for a couple of years after being one of the first areas to be cleared as EPCOT's Future World transformation began.

World Celebration will be much greener than its Future World predecessor, with the park's center taking on a more park-like look. Guests are already getting a preview of things to come, with the trees alongside Connections Cafe now in full bloom.

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Jambo Dad3 hours ago

hot dog with pineapple topping

Epcot82Guy11 hours ago

Nah. They were just playing around...

Sirwalterraleigh18 hours ago

…sounds like they really put their all into it

DreamfinderGuy19 hours ago

All of it. Entire dome is mostly empty now.

Sirwalterraleigh21 hours ago

The festivals were originally to draw - particularly locals - in off peak times But they’ve become wholly dependent on them…as they lament retrofitting the park for what?…going on 30 years now?

Cmdr_Crimson22 hours ago

I do wonder how much of the center area was removed of the WoL pavilion after they started working on the Play pavilion considering for several years they were used for other festivals.

UNCgolf23 hours ago

The Play Pavilion itself is cancelled, which is for the best -- additional capacity is usually a good thing, but not when it's going to be incredibly underutilized capacity in a prime location. Then it just becomes a waste of money and space, and there was very little reason to believe the Play Pavilion would have been helpful at all after a few years of operation. It would have been wildly outdated quickly. There's no indication that they have any plans to do anything else with the former Wonders of Life right now, though, which is bad.

AndyS29921 day ago

Having a place that sells the best festival food all year round kinda makes having the festivals in the first place redundant. The festivals exist, usually in the slower months, to draw more people in. But if you can now get the exclusive treats all year round then there's no point even having the festival. Also as mentioned already, Odyssey would have been the best place for this. Any news on Play pavilion? Irks me that this huge piece of real estate, a long with Magic Kingdom's Stitch ride building are just sitting abandoned. WDW is the most visited theme park resort in the World, if I was Disney I'd want to use that as the opportunity to showcase the best of everything yet Disney has long since become complacent and letting the place rot and having abandoned buildings that could easily be utilised is inexcusable.

Sirwalterraleigh1 day ago

I think I projectile shot the fruit loops thing From now on it’s strictly alcohol for my weak stomach

James Alucobond1 day ago

No pickle milkshake for year-round scrunchy-faced YouTubers?

SoFloMagic1 day ago

Hummus fries Some slider Fruit loops milkshake Something with impossible Some desert something Profit

mattpeto1 day ago

You must be new here… If they aren’t complaining, its a rarity.

MisterPenguin1 day ago

Two new rides and a cessation of a Food Festival during the Summer. If that's evolution, they're doing it wrong.

Brian1 day ago

Coming soon (probably) to The Seas with Nemo and Friends - Cars: A Musical Celebration.