A look at EPCOT's 40th-anniversary celebration

Oct 01, 2022 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT 40th Anniversary
Posted: Saturday October 1, 2022 9:38am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT turns 40 today, and the park is marking the occasion with a low-key event mostly centered around merchandise.


At the park entrance, EPCOT 40 banners welcome guests.

Commemorative maps are available, and the original 1982 background loop is playing.

The queue for EPCOT 40 merchandise hit four hours shortly after the park opened, spanning the entire front half of the park. See the EPCOT 40 merchandise.

In World Showcase Lagoon, the Harmonious hardware is showing EPCOT 40 graphics.

At 11 am, an anniversary moment took place at the American Gardens Theater featuring performances from Mariachi Cobre, Voices of Liberty, the Disney Ambassadors, and EPCOT VP Kartika Rodriguez.

See photos and video of the EPCOT 40 ceremony.

In attendance today are Disney Parks boss Josh D'Amaro, and Walt Disney World President Jeff Vahle.

Later in the evening, a special EPCOT 40 Beacon of Magic lighting sequence will debut on Spaceship Earth, but we do not expect to see any special firework tag following Harmonious.

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tparrisOct 23, 2022

It seems they’ve fixed the few lights that were miscolored, as well as all of the “star” lights except for one (at least for the side facing the entrance plaza).

tparrisOct 16, 2022

Never mind about the lights being fixed lol

GringrinngghostOct 14, 2022

The blue and green Diodes must be burnt out. The main dome is 6 RGB lights. From 2021:

Billy6Oct 13, 2022

No there is a watch. It was on the list of merchandise photos from this site

JohnDOct 13, 2022

You're probably thinking of the 40th anniversary Magic Band. You can find it at ShopDisney. (I purchased the ornament before it was sold out.)

tparrisOct 13, 2022

All lights have been fixed as of tonight

tparrisOct 13, 2022

On my way home from work , I pass by EPCOT. Last night at around 12:30am, they seemed to be testing the RGB of the lights. The entirety of SSE was continuously cycling about every 5 seconds between solid red, green, blue, white, and white star-shaped. Usually around that time of night SSE is playing the normal lighting animations. Earlier tonight, Zach posted a picture of SSE’s 40th beacon of magic and all of the lights appeared to be working properly, so either the picture was photoshopped to fix the lights, or the photo was taken today and the testing last night was them fixing it. Hopefully it’s the latter!

MisterPenguinOct 12, 2022

Every 10 minutes a new SSE 'show' starts rotating through 3 shows: Be Our Guest (bilingual) 40th Anniversary (old EPCOT attraction songs) 50th Anniversary (Beacon of Light) For some strange reason, the LED lights on the surrounding breezeway wasn't on at all. In between shows, you hear the new EPCOT entrance loops with the lights on SSE going through gently changing patterns. Two days ago: One light wasn't working at all. One light had its white light on all the time, but the other colors worked as normal. Two lights had its blue LED not working One light had its green LED not working Most of these problematic lights were on the sides and one needed to look carefully to see they weren't working fully as intended. So, they barely affected the effects in my opinion. The big crane was sometimes out, sometimes not. Maybe to fix the lights?

SoFloMagicOct 12, 2022

They should run it until harmonious gets mercy killed so people always have something decent to watch in the evening. Then hopefully we go on replaces Aladdin in epcot forever

jrhwdwOct 12, 2022

Was last night!

DarwinDerbyOct 12, 2022

Does anyone know if the 40th beacons of magic show is still running?

Billy6Oct 10, 2022

Has anyone seen or bought the 40th anniversary watch? I like it and want to know the cost... Thank you!!

trainplane3Oct 08, 2022

I believe people are still figuring it out. They're thinking it's something the Archives found and decided to mix in. Which comes back to one single point, selling the freaking music. This shouldn't be hard. There's money to be made. Yep! It's fine to borrow bits of music. A lot of songs are borrowed nowadays but it comes down to the use. I don't mind the new entrance loop but it's nothing special and gets lost in the background. The unique music Epcot has is what I look forward to hearing everytime I'm there. Just the anthem Pinar wrote for Epcot holds a lot of promise. I'm hoping she uses her style to mix in various bits of Epcot pavilion themes. It could be something really great.

Horizons1Oct 08, 2022

Where did O’Canada and The Computer Song come from in the loop for the 40th? They’re not part of the original 1982 loop unless they were cut from it.