Preview of Disney-Pixar Inside Out coming to Epcot's Magic Eye Theater

May 01, 2015 in "EPCOT"

Posted: Friday May 1, 2015 10:01am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced that a preview of the upcoming Disney-Pixar movie 'Inside Out' will be coming to Epcot's Magic Eye Theater later this month.

The theater is currently hosting an extended preview of Tomorrowland which has replaced the theater's regular show - Captain EO. Disney had previously said that Captain EO would be returning following the conclusion of the Tomorrowland preview, but this latest move perhaps suggests that Captain EO will not be returning.

The Inside Out preview will begin on May 30 2015.

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PREMiERdrumJul 09, 2015

I know Body Wars is totally stripped, but I thought Cranium Command was still largely intact?

KarakasaJul 09, 2015

Honestly I couldn't stop thinking it was perfect for the Wonders of Life pavillion... then I remembered that place is long gone and gutted... I never even got to go to it... Still, Imagination is a great place for an Inside Out attraction!

jt04Jul 09, 2015

This movie is tracking like all classic Pixar films so it may have enough to be considered. Wouldn't suprise me. ~goodnight and good luck~

Tegan pilots a chickenJul 03, 2015

As soon as I saw Inside Out my first thought after my emotions settled down was "this would be perfect for the Imagination pavilion!"

willtravelJun 26, 2015

I wonder if/ when Star Wars the Force Awakens will go into Magic Eye Theater?

note2001Jun 25, 2015

If it's a life size wrap Universal would never know :D ... we would never know. :cool:

GrumpyFanJun 25, 2015

Oh boy, here we go again! No offense, but this topic (Marvel/Uni rights vs Disney), has been discussed ad nauseam, and it never seems to be resolved. I've seen NUMEROUS comments with people stating one thing or another about it, but then it just goes in circles. What I haven't seen though, is definitive proof that specifically says who or what can and cannot be used. Yes, I've seen the original agreement, and it has some specifics, but there are some grey areas as well, and from what I understand, there is an addendum or another contract as well? So, can I just suggest we let it go, because I don't think anybody outside of several dozen Disney lawyers and a handful of Universal lawyers, really has a clear understanding of this.

Cmdr_CrimsonJun 25, 2015

I honestly don't think it will do well...It's a superhero I don't hear too much of...It's like if Disney wanted to make a Gritty Condorman Reboot..

JahonaJun 25, 2015

They previewed Guardians of the Galaxy as well as one other Marvel movie that I can't remember the name of at Hollywood Studios. Universal doesn't own the movie rights so Disney does have the opportunity to show it. Disney can't build or have the characters at Walt Disney World till the end of Uni's contract.

doctornickJun 25, 2015

Don't think they could preview that in WDW since the theme park rights to the Ant Man character belong to Uni in Florida. They could do a monorail wrap that goes on the MK loop, but doesn't seem like they are.

JahonaJun 25, 2015

Ant-Man is coming out next month.

ABQJun 25, 2015

Drat. Are there no other Disney movies coming out all summer that they can preview?

RSoxNo1Jun 25, 2015

Seeing that Captain EO is expected to return in July... does anyone have confirmation?

OvertheHorizonMay 23, 2015

I completely agree. Disney is in the creativity business. The current "Imagination" pavilion is so lame, and the possibilities seem endless for what they COULD do.