Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure soft opening report and photos

Jan 15, 2009 in "Disney’s Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure"

Posted: Thursday January 15, 2009 by WDWMAGIC Staff
Today was one of the first days of large scale guest previews of the new Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. It's not a huge E-Ticket ride, but it is a real gem of an attraction, and something that a lot of Disney fans are really going to enjoy.  It's a clever use of technology, story telling, and best of all, it makes wonderful use of the highly immersive environment of the World Showcase pavilions. Here is a run down of how the attraction plays, dont worry, there are no spoilers here. As this is a game, you really need to play it for yourself, so nothing here is going to be revealed.

Your adventure begins by visiting one of the Kim Possible recruitment centers. These are found in either Innoventions (West or East), or along the walkway from Future World to World Showcase. You choose your language, swipe your park admission ticket, and then choose the number of people in your team. You can also choose the number of Kimmunicators (handsets) that you would like to use with your group. There is no cost to play, nor is a deposit required. Once you complete the information on the touch screen, a ticket, similar to a FASTPASS, emerges from the printer giving you the time and location of where you need to report to. The Field Station locations are Norway, Italy, United Kingdom.

On arrival at the Field Station, you hand over your ticket, and a member of Team Possible hands over the Kimmunicator. This game is all about adventure, and with that spirit in mind, Team Possible give you very little information, and it's all up to you to find out. The handset burts into life and begins to direct you on your journey.

Currently there are seven possible missions taking place around the Showcase, using seven of the pavilions (Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Japan, France and United Kingdom). Your Kimmunicator tells you where to head, and what to do. This is where the game begins. At this point, I am not going to give anymore information on actual gameplay, as it's all about playing it. One thing I will tell you, is that the system interacts with the World Showcase pavilions. It may surprise you actually how much you can interact with things. For Epcot fans you will get a real kick out of some of the things that happen. Parts of buildings that you know like the back of your hand suddenly take on a different life, and you might very well be controlling it! It is in this area that the amount of planning and effort that went into this attraction really shines through. The implementation of physical effects (and no, we aren't talking screens here, but real physical moving effects) is fantastic. It's like a modern day Tiki Room, but on a grander scale - I think Walt himself would get a real kick out of this attraction.

The technology used is very well implemented. It seems reliable, robust, and seems to handle lots of people playing simultaneously very well. Very infrequently did different players overlap. The onscreen action is animation video, good quality, and clearly visible even in Florida sunlight. The audio is crisp and clear, and plays at a great volume level - not too loud so everyone can hear, but loud enough that a group using one handset can all hear. You may notice that the Kimmunicator has an onboard camera - WDI even managed to incorporate that into the game, but you will have to see for yourself how and where.

At the end of your adventure, which takes around 30 minutes, but has no real time limit, the onscreen action directs you where to drop of your Kimmunicator. Being a secret agent, you can bet you wont be returning it to where you picked it up from!

Kim Possible is a wonderful addition to Epcot, and really is a unique use of technology and the Epcot environment. It's going to get kids actually wanting to be in World Showcase, and it's going to amaze adults with it's interactions with the countries. You need to make sure to try this one, and I guarantee you will want to play again right after your first mission!

Check out the photos below. It's spoiler safe, so nothing there will affect your experience and surprises.

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