Frozen Sing-Along returns to Disney's Hollywood Studios in October

24 days ago in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

'For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration' will return to Disney's Hollywood Studios next month.

The six year old show will return, but with a few adjustments for physical distancing both on stage and in the audience.

The show begins on October 5 2020.

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Article Posted: Sep 27, 2020 / 8:21am ET
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PostScott11 days ago

True, but would you say that an indoor eatery contributes to the energy of a land?

MisterPenguin11 days ago

We'll always have Rex.

FuturePort8311 days ago

Meals seem like more of an essential so it is somewhat understandable but it doesn't make sense to me that they haven't converted more outdoor space to dining.

PostScott11 days ago

Woah woah woah, luxo was in Pixar place? Guess it didn't last long 😂

TrainChasers11 days ago

How long did Luxo last in Pixar place? Is this the shortest lived effect in dhs or was that luxo?

PostScott11 days ago

Yeah I believe that that was the last kinetic object within the land. There is the same thing next to the bathrooms in the marketplace but I assume thats down too if this one is down. It's really sad that they promised so much yet they delivered so little. The attractions are really fun, but once you get off something it just feels missing in the land. I know they went over budget with the land and thats why they cancelled so much but, they should have went all out. It's star wars

Disneyson11 days ago

Horrible. Absolutely horrible. I imagine they fired enough people that they couldn't keep this working? Forgive me if this isn't the case, but this is truly the only actively interactive element in the land, right, besides the lights that change colors when you aim your phone at them? Like, everything else in the app is "implied", nothing moves or changes, right? Honestly, what a horrible final nail in the coffin on the premise of the land. Reminds me of the "character card" they gave at that Galactic Nights upcharge event, where they promised more and more cards to come out detailing the different character interactions you would have throughout the land. What a massive spiritual loss for this land this is.

YodaMan11 days ago

They still allow indoor unmasked dining which is significantly worse than an indoor masked singalong. But if it were me I wouldn’t feel comfortable at either.

FuturePort8311 days ago

A lot of Disney's protocols seem well thought out so this surprised me. I'm not sure how they think holding an indoor singalong is a good idea when we are dealing with a virus that is now confirmed to be spread through the air and not just via droplets.

MisterPenguin11 days ago

Don't be sad. They sent the Dianoga to an farm in upstate New York and it's very happy there playing with all the other Dianogas and eating all the dogs they want.

GladToBeHear11 days ago

Well, at least they're consistent.

PostScott12 days ago

I'm sure they're just trying to cut out as many "unnecessary" costs as they can during this time.

RSoxNo112 days ago

Do we know this is permanently done?

Notes from Neverland12 days ago

Goodness. That didn't last very long. It was one of those subtle yet fun effects that made the place feel more foreign / alive.