Operating hours extended tonight at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Feb 17, 2020 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Monday February 17, 2020 9:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Hollywood Studios will be open until 9pm tonight, extended from the originally scheduled 8pm close.

The busy President's Day weekend crowds are descending on the Studios, with Smugglers Run already at a 140min wait as of 9am.

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lazyboy97oFeb 24, 2020

Disney intentionally straining capacity long predates the Coronavirus.

Josh HendyFeb 24, 2020

I think you have nailed it. If similar things were happening on other rides then I suspect that unofficial, undeclared cutbacks are being made due to the actual or anticipated financial effects of Corona.

TrainChasersFeb 24, 2020

It was the same at animal kingdom... fp for safari was all the way to the entrance where you scan your ticket / band. Despite the crowds the safari was only using 1 load station.

TDogg76Feb 24, 2020

Was just there Saturday and Sunday after a cruise. My wife and I haven’t seen it that busy since we unfortunately tried to go over New Years about 10 years ago (never again). MK and Epcot were nuts! Lines as long as the eye can see! We had a horrible time and didn’t spend much time in the parks due to crowds. This is why prices will keep skyrocketing! More and more people keep paying more and more prices! As a longtime pass holder and DVC owner...it truly is becoming a less inticing vacation! We couldn’t even get an Uber or Minnie Van to take us to our resort...due to “high volume”! Ugh!!

SmilliesFeb 23, 2020

This was one of my frustrations this week as well. By the end of my trip I had come to the conclusion the new norm must be shooting for 20-30min waits in the FP line (hey it beats 120min in standby?). I remember the days when FP on ToT meant walking right into the lobby, not queuing up at the gate. Curious if that’s atypical and just a busy week or intentional with FP+.

larryzFeb 23, 2020

Au contraire, mon frere... Ask the five-year-old if s/he was entertained by meeting their favorite character, and then ask their parents how they felt about it.

Josh HendyFeb 23, 2020

I wonder if because of anticipated economic effects of Asian Flu there were stealthy cutbacks such as lowering ride capacities / fewer vehicles in play.

BernardandBiancaFeb 22, 2020

Yes. And yes.

Josh HendyFeb 22, 2020

From what to the steamboats? Haunted Mansion? And do you mean from ToT down to the stone gate houses?

BernardandBiancaFeb 22, 2020

Just spent four days in the parks with guests in from out of town, and not only were the crowds massive, I couldn't believe the length of the pastpass lines. I've never seen them this long, and it's at the MK, Studios, and AK. Having the fastpass line extend back to the boarding area for the steamboats is horrible, as ToT back to the brick hut is ridiculous (so much so that we had to skip the ride).

TrainChasersFeb 22, 2020

I wouldn’t count them as meet and greets either. I would count them, as well as meet and greets, as attractions.

BernardandBiancaFeb 22, 2020

I would disagree with calling these entertainment elements "meet and greets". A "meet and greet" is where you get to "meet" with a character, and have your picture taken/autograph signed/or similar. The meet and greet does not provide any entertainment, as contrasted with all of the items in your listing.

larryzFeb 21, 2020

The irony: Greta would likely rail about the waste and pollution represented by the whole theme park industry.

wdisney9000Feb 20, 2020