PHOTO - New Disney's Hollywood Studios guide map updated with Center Stage addition

Mar 16, 2015 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Monday March 16, 2015 9:38am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new guide map is now in circulation at Disney's Hollywood Studios with a couple of modifications over previous editions.

The first is the inclusion of Center Stage in front of The Great Movie Ride. Unfortunately it doesn't provide any idea of what the stage will look like, although in the short term it is expected that the temporary stage will return to that area.

The Center Stage will be used as part of Star Wars Weekends and Frozen Summer Fun LIVE at Disney's Hollywood Studios. 

Since the removal of the Sorcerer Mickey Hat, is has been expected that the area would receive a significant rework, perhaps including a permanent stage to be used part of the park's frequent events. Disney has not yet provided any details on what will be done with the area.

Also added to the park map is the recently opened Starbucks Trolley Car Cafe.

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Next Big ThingMay 13, 2015

Sounds good. Seems similar to what the Castle Stage is over at MK except maybe even less intrusive.

marni1971May 13, 2015

In theory it shouldn't be nearly as obtrusive whether in use or not. Neither the stage nor the infrastructure.

gmajewMay 13, 2015

I agree completely... I would love to know what the final plan are for the permanent stage. Is it going to block the theater? If so that blows.

Next Big ThingMay 13, 2015

Yes, sorry, I meant permanent. If it is "quite the opposite" though marni, does that mean the permanent stage will be even bigger than the temporary one?

MansionButler84May 13, 2015

These are message boards that welcome commentary. Most of Disney's moves of late promote negative commentary.

MansionButler84May 13, 2015

You mean more permanent, right? What they will build and should have built this spring won't be going anywhere. I hope it is not such a vertical monstrosity, though. Something like the Castle stage wold be marginally acceptable to me. If they feel they need a stag and can put something worthwhile on it year-round. That said, does DHS really need ANOTHER stage show?

flynnibusMay 13, 2015

And this has been confirmed by what? And what is to say this smaller stage won't be surplanted by this 'temporary' big stage again in the future? The problem here is the park management priorities. Let's ignore this whole streets of america area.. and huge plazas and spaces... and throw these stupid stages up smack in the middle of the park and blare all kinds of random music or pop crap from them.

gmajewMay 13, 2015

We all were hoping Marni. We are still hoping. Just don't see the point in constant bashing that it did not get done if this is just the temp fix and stage as everyone keeps saying. What ever the insiders thought or plans they were told did not get done in time as people has stated. The good news is the hat is gone and the view will be back soon. Unless this is the new hat.

marni1971May 13, 2015

Quite the opposite.

Next Big ThingMay 13, 2015

Are people honestly incapable of understanding the pages of noting that this structure has been in use for years and a smaller, more temporary stage will be built after this comes down in September? I mean seriously, enough with the BAH comparisons. This thing could come down overnight if they needed it to.

sporadicMay 13, 2015

The hat was "temporary" as well :/

flynnibusMay 13, 2015

something 'temporary' they put up the majority of the year is not really 'temporary' in the sense of disruption to guests. Kind of like the train wreck happening in WS.. where if we run more and more events, the booths are gone less and less. As for all the 'what do you expect' crowd... we expect Disney to stop shatting on their parks in the name of short term special events. The park is full of dead space... put the event stage somewhere where its NOT going to take away from other existing stuff.

mrbigbeakMay 13, 2015

First post here but to look at it in a positive light, at least the stage is temporary, mind you they did they say about the hat :(

G00fyDadMay 13, 2015

You keep missing the point. Yes. We knew it was coming. No one is saying that it wasn't so get over yourself. We are upset that they decided to put it back in it's old spot ( or close enough) right after giving us that view back. We're saying that they could have moved the stage to another location. Why am I trying to explain this to you? You'll never get it. :banghead: