Is Disney's Hollywood Studios about to get its version of a Blue Sky Cellar preview center in the now closed 'The Magic of Disney Animation' building?

Jul 13, 2015 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

The Magic of Disney Animation at Disney's Hollywood Studios closed its doors yesterday, marking the end of an era for behind-the-scenes working studio attractions at the park.

It is widely known that the park is about to undergo a major transformation - bringing new attractions, new lands, and even a new name to the park that now finds itself lacking a cohesive theme and identity.

The upcoming D23 event just over a month away would seem the most likely opportunity for us to hear details of exactly what Disney has planned for the park, which brings us to the future role of The Magic of Disney Animation building.

A number of sources have indicated to us that current plans are to convert the former animation building into a preview center for the park's makeover project. Much like the Blue Sky Cellar that originally operated at the Disneyland Resort to promote its makeover of the California Adventure park, expect to see models, plans and more as the planning and construction progresses.

If the Studio preview center follows the Blue Sky Cellar model, also expect to see frequent updates, including exhibits on past attractions and other items of historical interest. Although not announced, One Man's Dream is expected to also close as part of the park's updates. If this is indeed the case, many of those exhibits could be relocated to the Magic of Animation exhibit.

Disney has not yet confirmed any plans for The Magic of Disney Animation, or made any comments on the park's future changes. All information should be treated as speculation until officially announced.

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Article Posted: Jul 13, 2015 / 10:24am EDT