Is Disney's Hollywood Studios about to get its version of a Blue Sky Cellar preview center in the now closed 'The Magic of Disney Animation' building?

Jul 13, 2015 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Monday July 13, 2015 10:24am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic of Disney Animation at Disney's Hollywood Studios closed its doors yesterday, marking the end of an era for behind-the-scenes working studio attractions at the park.

It is widely known that the park is about to undergo a major transformation - bringing new attractions, new lands, and even a new name to the park that now finds itself lacking a cohesive theme and identity.

The upcoming D23 event just over a month away would seem the most likely opportunity for us to hear details of exactly what Disney has planned for the park, which brings us to the future role of The Magic of Disney Animation building.

A number of sources have indicated to us that current plans are to convert the former animation building into a preview center for the park's makeover project. Much like the Blue Sky Cellar that originally operated at the Disneyland Resort to promote its makeover of the California Adventure park, expect to see models, plans and more as the planning and construction progresses.

If the Studio preview center follows the Blue Sky Cellar model, also expect to see frequent updates, including exhibits on past attractions and other items of historical interest. Although not announced, One Man's Dream is expected to also close as part of the park's updates. If this is indeed the case, many of those exhibits could be relocated to the Magic of Animation exhibit.

Disney has not yet confirmed any plans for The Magic of Disney Animation, or made any comments on the park's future changes. All information should be treated as speculation until officially announced.

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Master YodaJan 28, 2016

Ahhh....vintage 1998 AK.

Mike SJan 27, 2016

Actually, cast members on the AK boats before they closed actually made reference to Beastly Kingdom. There was even a Dragon fountain and a cave with a fire breathing Dragon to hype what was soon to come. FYI, I'm excited for Avatar. I think it will be very cool.

boufaJan 27, 2016

While it would certainly be cool... in this modern internet world, i think this kind of info is bad to put out from Dinsey's point of view. With things always in flux (change orders are a constant part of construction life) any change would be seen by this very positive community of forward lookers as a downgrade from the original plans. Disney would be inviting even more ridicule than they get when they eliminate liquid cheese. Rhetorical question... this isn't the thread for the answer.... how many here think that Avatar is likely a poor substitute for Beastly Kingdom. See what I mean, Beastly Kingdom never got off the drawing board, but its viewed by many as superior to anything else Disney does in its place. If they put out concept art, or a lot of it, or put models on display, and the final product doesn't end up looking like that... we will be all over them. (Personally I think 7dmt is a huge upgrade over the initially announced plans for a pixie hollow walk through, but I have seen posts on these forums thinking otherwise)

JEANYLASERJan 27, 2016

Seems like a decent use of that space and a good place for it to go if they want to try and keep Future world theming too! I think that space in the innovations will be perfect!

JWGJan 27, 2016

Maybe the dead space in Innoventions could house this? Seems like a decent use of that space and a good place for it to go if they want to try and keep Futureworld theming. Otherwise, maybe it can take over the Launch Bay when that's no longer needed and Star Wars Land has opened.

Epcot82GuyJan 27, 2016

I hope we see a reincarnation somewhere. I still wish they would use that idea to re-invent the old Imageworks into the Blue Sky Loft (showcase combined with DIY imagineering). But total personal pipe dream there.

mm121Jan 26, 2016

is there any more space in the launch bay? should this thread also be moved over to the new thread

wdwmagicJan 26, 2016

It isn't fully off the radar just yet. Not in that location obviously, but I've been told of plans for elsewhere. But like most things with SW land, it is in a constant state of change.

doctornickJan 26, 2016

Yeah, I am disappointed that this didn't happen. Is there any plans for something similar in a different location in DHS? Or even someplace else like Epcot (Innoventions has plenty of unused space....)

djkidkazJan 26, 2016

So nothing ever came of this unfortunately. Its a shame, it would be nice to have somewhere to see all the changes coming.

roj2323Sep 30, 2015

I don't disagree. I was simply pointing out what I was told by Backlands cast working those attractions.

peter11435Sep 30, 2015

Mermaid will not be bulldozed

doctornickSep 30, 2015

Some have said that it's only Sparrow and OMD that will be removed and that the Mermaid building will be renovated with a new IP. I believe @marni1971 specifically has said that. The OMD building is pretty large and removing it and Sparrow (plus the existing breezeway) should provide ample space for a walkway for TSL.

roj2323Sep 30, 2015

That building; jack, one mans and mermaid is being buldozed for toy story land sometime in January.