Giveaways, R2-D2, and enhanced motorcades headline Disney+ Day at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Sep 06, 2022 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Disney+ Day at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Posted: Tuesday September 6, 2022 10:10am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney+ Day returns for its second year to Walt Disney World on September 8 2022, bringing special entertainment, character appearances, and Disney+ giveaways.

Guests arriving at the park will receive complimentary Disney+ Ear Hats, Disney+ buttons, and select PhotoPass downloads.

The Disney+ Day motorcades will step off at 10:30am, 11:30am, 12:40pm, 2:50pm, 3:50pm and 5:10pm. Characters include Mickey & Minnie, Tiana, Mirabel, Rescue Ranger, and Pixar Pals.

R2-D2 will appear at the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Garage, Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers at the Adventure Outpost, and Goofy & Max outside the Chinese Theater. Finally, a Lightning McQueen Dance Party with a live DJ will celebrate Cars at the Lightning McQueen Racing Academy courtyard.

All special character appearances and the dance party will take place from 9am to 7pm.

Disney+ subscribers and their travel party with valid admission and reservations are once again invited to enter the theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort 30 minutes before regular park opening.

In celebration of Disney+ Day, on Sept. 8 only, guests staying in select Walt Disney World Resort Hotels and Hotels of the Disneyland Resort (with valid admission and a reservation) will have the opportunity to enter 60 minutes before regular park open at any Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort theme parks.

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Figments FriendSep 11, 2022

THIS. WHY did it not happen? Oct 1st was a big disappointment on several levels in person. -

SirwalterraleighSep 09, 2022

I was gonna say: “did you get a shot from an electric probe?”

joshwillSep 09, 2022

Did you get his autograph???

AkiraRaptorSep 09, 2022

Has there been any information on renewing Disney+ for the people who originally signed up for the Disney+ Founder's Circle? Its ending in November and haven't seen if Disney is going to offer anything like it to those of us that signed up for it it originally.

wdwmagicSep 08, 2022

SirwalterraleighSep 08, 2022

You mad, Bro?

OwlHouseKing97Sep 08, 2022

So..., are they still bundling Woody with Jessie, even with the ending of TS4?, basically Bo Peep's never coming back to DHS isn't she... :( Sulley being in the motorcade is basically pointless when his meet and greet at WDP opened back up and why couldn't they bring out Ian and Barley(since Mei isn't in the parks yet)

MrPromeySep 08, 2022

Maybe Disney+ could, um... start "sponsoring" this every day since Hollywood Studios apparently doesn't have it in the budget during these trying times to pay for something like this themselves the way they used to?

MrPromeySep 08, 2022

Yeah - why couldn't Disney+ have "sponsored" that?

WorldExplorerSep 08, 2022

I booked today solely because I was hoping they would have Pinocchio there for an actual meet. Glad they announced everything in advance, I would have been so disappointed just to see he was in the cavalcade. Saved me time and money. I hate how much character experiences have eroded away post reopen.

drew81Sep 08, 2022

Mirabel gets an appearance for Disney+ Day. Should be in the parks. Everyday. Not a cavalcade.

TheMaxReboSep 08, 2022

I wish the synergy machine was more fully activated last Oct 1 so we could have gotten free ears for the 50th

SirwalterraleighSep 08, 2022

He looks so out of place there… …I mean, Star Wars fans actually LIKE That character.