New parking lot names at the Studios

Dec 02, 1999 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Thursday December 2, 1999 by WDWMAGIC Staff
The Studios have re-themed the parking lot. The sections used to be Comedy, Western, Romance and Mystery. Now, they are Television, Stage, Film, and Music. They put up new colorful signs, and they repainted the red areas on the asphalt at the ends of the rows different colors to match the signs. They are hoping this will help people find their cars better.

The Epic Stunt Spectacular at the Studios is going down in January for a 6 month major rehab. There are rumors of a complete attraction change, but our sources dispute this. The attraction has not had a major rehab since opening, and every mechanical system will have a major overhaul - this accounts for the lengthy 6 month downtime. I would not be surprised to see some enhancements though, such as new effects.

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