PHOTOS - New logo unveiled for Disney's Hollywood Studios

May 01, 2019 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

New logo for Disney's Hollywood Studios
Posted: Wednesday May 1, 2019 11:46am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney stopped short of the much rumored name change for Disney's Hollywood Studios, but did today reveal a new look for the park's logo.

Pictured above in concept art form, the new logo features Woody from Toy Story, BB8 from Star Wars, and Mickey Mouse. In a reversal of the old logo, the Hollywood lettering is now far more dominant than the Studios lettering.

The new logo reflects the move of the park towards existing movie franchise focused attractions, and a lessening emphasis on the studios aspect of the park.

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tirianNov 19, 2019

When the entire Muppets area included posters and billboards, the paint splashes made sense and intentionally looked like an unfinished area. Now it’s supposed to be the theming, and it doesn’t work by itself.

tirianNov 19, 2019

Welcome to generic building project from Anywhere, USA. Maybe the most disappointing aspect is that WDI seems to think they have to choose one of two extremes—either over-the-top, tacky fiberglass or bland, boring flatness masquerading as sophistication. Decades of art directors and architects have proven that’s not true.

matt9112Nov 19, 2019

Oh i agree. Im not sure why there going sheek minimalistic lately? Maybe the higher clientele they are leaning so hard into likes it? Im not sure. Tbh some of the over the top decor can be cheeky. I know im in the minority here but im not a fan of all the paint decor at muppets exit and im a huge fan of grand ave. BUT grand ave feels real. It is a theme. This or disney springs not so much.

DisneysonNov 18, 2019

Personally, I think there must be a more elegant way to dileneate the "Studio" (read: currently a hodge-podge mess of random IP) section of the park from the streets of Hollywood. But to be honest, I think the whole courtyard's got to go. Throw an immersive land in, or if we have to live with Disney Junior, Launch Bay, and Mermaid, at least give the facades cute Burbank facades that say "Walt Disney Animation Studios", "LucasFilms" and "Walt Disney Television Animation". Give me the LucasFilms Yoda fountain, the sorcerer's hat, and like... the Dopey Drive signpost. I'll forgive the area then.

BocabearNov 18, 2019

They are, but in escapist fantasy architecture and design, this might not be the best choice... I agree it looks like an entrance to any mall in the US... SUPER bland and uninteresting.

matt9112Nov 18, 2019

Sleek and simple seem to be styling cues that are going for lately.

Captain NeoNov 18, 2019

I like it

aladdin2007Nov 07, 2019

which is exactly what the parks have become(ing), malls and bars.

Magicart87Nov 07, 2019

Cinemagic is the name of the cinnamon roll shoppe located in the shopping mall.

MKeelerNov 06, 2019

Hey now, Cinemagic is a perfectly good name ........... for a nightly fireworks show, not a park.

Magicart87Nov 06, 2019

Eh. Looks like the entrance to a shopping mall.

MisterPenguinNov 06, 2019

El_TomatoNov 06, 2019

This dark tone is just strange. Doesn’t work at all with the beige/gold on the sides.

tomastNov 06, 2019

I dont think thats correct. You are missing EPCOT!!! MGM is Disney Springs PART III