VIDEO - Disney's Hollywood Studios marks 25 years with fireworks spectacular

May 02, 2014 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Thursday May 1, 2014 10:05pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Hollywood Studios marked its 25th anniversary in grand style this evening with a spectacular fireworks show honoring the park's attractions.

Featuring music from the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, MuppetVision, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Star Wars and more.

We've got a video of the full show - so take a seat, and Lights, Camera, Action!

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scoobygirl39541May 10, 2014

Anyone who's interested in getting a 25th anniversary map, pin, and times guide should check out the podcast "Talk Magic To Me", they seem to be holding a contest and giving them away! Here are the details... (Plus, its actually a super cool podcast where they discuss Disney's animated features!)

NormCMay 07, 2014

I was upset that there was no 25th merch when I was there in Feb. I collect pins with dates and anniversaries and figured they would have them for sale for the year. Heck you can still get Epcot 30th ones on the racks.

JwheeMay 07, 2014

Why couldn't they use some of those cars from Stars in Motor Cars in the parade? I bet that they still have them. *Edit* they shipped them to DLP.

dvitaliMay 03, 2014

Blow out the windows of the V shape building on the street of America as in the introduction video of WCW Nitro, have WWF /WCW wrestlers jump off the turnstile entrance into the ring in the front of the park, who want to be a millionaire, Hulk Hogan Thunder Bay tv show, etc etc.

DisneyGentlemanMay 03, 2014

Or a major award, for that matter.

PhotoDave219May 02, 2014

Oh not this again. Brigante pulled this crap on all of us last year, We're not falling for a "major announcement" again.

seascapeMay 02, 2014

I may be wrong but I really believe that there will be some major announcement this month at star wars weekends. I expect either a major expansion of Star Wars attractions. either expanding DHS or a 5th park does not matter. If Disney does it right this time they can blow US out of the water and add 10 million to total attendance. Upgrading DHS, EPCOT and what is planned for AK is all that is needed to accomplish this. But if they wanted to go back over 80% market share in Orlando they could do what everyone would like but does not think they will do.

FrankLapidusMay 02, 2014

The fireworks looked good. The rest of it was incredibly underwhelming. This park is in such desperate need of attention that its getting pitiful. Even a 25th anniversary celebration looks like it was just thrown together at the last minute (fireworks aside). Its sad, the park needs and deserves a lot more than its getting.

Tom MorrowMay 02, 2014

Nobody really turned out and nothing really happened for DAK's 15th, either. Then again, 15 isn't as big as 25. People would be more excited if exciting things were going to be announced, but alas, there is nothing. Also maybe people were worried this would turn out like the Unleash the Villains event and just avoided it. They might slap these together but I appreciate that they at least do something, despite not having anything to announce or anything.

scoobygirl39541May 02, 2014

Ok so I take back everything I said earlier in this thread. I'm so glad we went today! Didn't go for any of the merchandise, but got a few special maps and pins they were giving away. There were hardly any lines and only saw TSMM reach 70min. Plus, that special fireworks show was fantastic, especially that finale!

BairstowMay 02, 2014

I was hoping for Flattop and Big Boy Caprice.

Disfan1971May 02, 2014

The only merchandise that sold out was the "I was there" pin, the baseball cap, and the keychain.

jlsHoustonMay 02, 2014

OMG a cupcake . I love Disney cupcakes!

Next Big ThingMay 02, 2014

Well, I mean, what's there to celebrate at DHS right now? The only reason this event happened was so Disney could scam the gullible fanboys once more with limited edition anniversary merch.