New 'Disney Junior Dance Party!' live show opening later this year at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Jun 01, 2018 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Friday June 1, 2018 10:40am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced a new Disney Junior live show coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios this fall.

"Disney Junior Dance Party!" is a high-energy, live show featuring characters from Disney Junior shows on TV, including "Mickey and the Roadster Racers," "Doc McStuffins," "The Lion Guard" and the newest hit series "Vampirina."

According to the announcement, the new "Disney Junior Dance Party!" is a musically infused, interactive concert, hosted by Finn Fiesta and a DJ – named Deejay, of course – who involve you in all the fun, including live appearances from some of your favorite characters, fun music from Disney Junior and much more.

We first mentioned Vampirina being developed for park appearances earlier this year, and it seems this new show may mark her debut at Walt Disney World.

The new show will take over the existing "Disney Junior - Live on Stage!" space in the Animation Courtyard, which will have its final performance on September 1 2018.

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The Grand InquisitorJan 02, 2019

God how I miss Bear in the big blue house and Playhouse Disney. Disney please demo animation courtyard and build monsters inc land!

Cmdr_CrimsonJan 01, 2019

Hmm....They couldn't even use the Articulated heads for Timon and Mickey.........Lame!

mimitchi33Jan 01, 2019

This actually looks like something I would've enjoyed when I was little!

mikejs78Dec 29, 2018

My hope is this, like Up, gets low guest satisfaction scores compared to the previous offering, and they learn from it and don't build anything this vapid again.

Brooklin Disney DadDec 27, 2018

Agreed...especially since it’s aimed at getting the kids to move. Not much room in that venue anyways. From looking at the video, looks like it’s going to be a Fortnite dance party.

Kman101Dec 26, 2018

You mean like a fun puppet show? ;) This looks like a swing and a miss. At least they use more foamheads than Disneyland (er, DCA), no?

OSXDec 26, 2018

So you're the reason why Alien Encounter closed.

OSXDec 26, 2018

Not even 2 minutes in and there is already Fortnite dancing :banghead:

homerdanceDec 25, 2018

Hey- what’s Hollywood Studios missing? Shouting. We need more shouting.

Missing20KDec 24, 2018

Now I know where to take my child for their first acid trip. Yikes. Props to the CM though, she's earning her money with that awful gig.

trainplane3Dec 24, 2018

Just skimming through your video, I'd agree. (mostly) Everyone's just standing around. I guess I was expecting to have the characters in the audience dancing around. Obviously not an attraction for me but this doesn't look like it's working.

wdwmagicDec 24, 2018

It seems to me like this show/dance party doesn't really hit the mark in either regard. It isn't a dance party, as the kids quickly lock onto the screens and just zone out. When the characters do appear, the choreography is too difficult for pre-school kids, and they aren't able to follow along with the characters.

Magicart87Dec 24, 2018

They had the perfect opportunity to parody Deadmau5 and blew it! Spin me out Dee Jay! *Is it really that bad? Watched the entire vid. Needs some work but it's fair considering what it is. They need to streamline the script and make more interactive. Quick Fix: Host needs jokes. Idea: Show change to "Dance Contest" with an interactive "Applause-o-meter/Get Loud" indicator. Add character judge in a CGI "Monster Inc Laugh floor" style commentary.

JwheeDec 23, 2018

That was god awful. Holy.