Nighttime entertainment falls off the schedule at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Dec 01, 2021 in "Disney Movie Magic"

Posted: Wednesday December 1, 2021 7:07am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The "Disney Movie Magic"and "Wonderful World of Animation" projection shows have both fallen off the schedule at Disney's Hollywood Studios beginning today.

"Disney Movie Magic" returned to the park on November 7 2021, and "Wonderful World of Animation" returned on August 2 2021.

It isn't clear if the shows are no longer going be performed, if there is work required on the projection system, or if it is an issue with the online schedule.

Sunset Seasons Greetings, part of the holiday entertainment, continues as normal.

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MisterPenguin14 days ago

Br0ckford15 days ago

I heard Kylo Ren has an 8 pack.

ToTBellHop15 days ago

GhostHost100015 days ago

Leading to controversial revenue

EricsBiscuit15 days ago

If this was really about representation they would be creating new characters instead of doing this.

marni197115 days ago

It’s PR. They have a poster boy that they can wheel out for the fans to say “we’re listening to you“ without giving anything of merit back. Resort Parking fees? They have a hundred spreadsheets saying how much they want to give back (and where they can recoup the cost elsewhere). Fireworks? Negligible cost. Fastpass or tickets cost? Forget it.

wdrive15 days ago

Unless they cut the live singing? But I’d be surprised.

ToTBellHop15 days ago

That would require an Equity posting.

Br0ckford15 days ago

I find it's all demographics that do that when movies don't fit their mold. But that's everyone's business.

SaucyBoy15 days ago

Interesting how it’s always the same demographic crying and complaining about “controversial movies” simply because the films don’t fit a certain mold. But that’s none of my business 🐸☕️

wdrive15 days ago

Chris Evans

asianway15 days ago

They mean the “Captain Lightyear” face version that was only at DLR

Tony the Tigger15 days ago

There have been no controversial movies, only controversial reactions.

Br0ckford15 days ago

Chris Evans Buzz or Tim Allen Buzz?