New atmosphere entertainment being tested at DinoLand U.S.A.

Apr 16, 2014 in "DinoLand U.S.A."

Posted: Wednesday April 16, 2014 1:12pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

We've had a tip that a new atmosphere entertainment offering will be testing at Disney's Animal Kingdom later this week.

Starting on Saturday April 19 2014, be on the lookout for Professor Parker Woodson from the Dino Institute accompanied by his pet velociraptor "V." The test will run for a couple of weeks - no word yet on show times.

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MarkTwainMay 09, 2014

Wow, looking at it again I would almost prefer it over Chester & Hester's. :D I kid (sort of), but in all seriousness, it's a shame that Disney didn't keep the fossils longer or relocate them to a more permanent building. Considering that Africa and Asia both focus on educating guests about real animals, it would be nice if there was a more significant part of Dinoland that did the same.

FerretAfrosMay 08, 2014

It was a 'temporary' placeholder until the park had enough attendance to add something more substantial in that area. It was on the land now occupied by Chester & Hester's Dinorama; if you use the history tool on Google Earth, you can see it in the 1/5/1999 image (it's also neat to see the 2/4/1995 image, and how far the park came before opening)

MarkTwainMay 08, 2014

I didn't know anything like this existed. :eek: How long did it last? What replaced it?

NearTheEarsMay 07, 2014

Anyone else see this dinosaur throwing out the first pitch at the Padres game?

rct247Apr 25, 2014

This toy is even better than what this test was.

MarkTwainApr 25, 2014

WDWDad13Apr 25, 2014

Now they can tear it up and sell pins with some of that material lol

LostPrincessKarleighApr 25, 2014

Thank you! I'm so happy I won't have to dodge that monstrosity and his swinging tail on my trip. :banghead: For real, TDO. Get your act together.

LostPrincessKarleighApr 25, 2014

I just pictured "Night at the Musuem" for a second. Will he play fetch?;)

CommunicoreApr 25, 2014

I find it hysterical that even though there is a backstory to this Dinoland (which I didn't realize until a couple years ago), the fact that TDO went on the cheap on this land makes it an easier excuse to portray it as cheap lol.....I still want them to convert the huge dinosaur into a robot so it can walk the park.

CDavidApr 25, 2014

Gee, I wonder why... :facepalm:

BairstowApr 25, 2014

Anyone remember what was there before?

SoupBoneApr 25, 2014

You mean like the rest of poorly designed, 1980's roadside carnival, Dinoland?

asianwayApr 25, 2014

That'll definitely make for some good material in a 2037 Destination D presentation.