Disney World's Country Bear Jamboree now closed to reopen in the summer with new songs

Jan 27, 2024 in "Country Bear Jamboree"

Country Bear Jamboree closed - January 27 2024
Posted: Saturday January 27, 2024 9:08am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The doors of Grizzly Hall at Magic Kingdom are now closed as the Country Bear Jamboree begins its transformation into the Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

There are no construction walls, just a sign letting guests know of the closure - "Bear With Us We're Rehearsing A Brand New Show"

A temporary stage is currently in front of Grizzly Hall, which will be used for the upcoming Cast Member service celebration.

Looking ahead to the new show, which opens in the summer of 2024, Disney says, "The Country Bears are getting ready to put on a new show that pays homage to the Opry-style shows of Nashville. While the Country Bear Musical Jamboree will include easter eggs from the beginning to the end including a familiar tune fans may remember, the bears will sing new, reinterpreted Disney tunes in different genres of country music – like bluegrass, pop-country, Americana, rockabilly and other styles."

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Pi on my Cake51 minutes ago

I think the bigger issue with Country Bears is just that it was only popular with a small, niche group of fans who wouldn't even see it every show. There were minor issues with stuff like humor that is considered too risque for modern Disney or too meanspirited. And of course Liverlips being named after a phrase that was not infrequently used as a derogatory term for black people. But overall the bigger issue is that before the closure was announced you wouldn't see a full theater outside of peak peak summer and even then it was rare. Any attempt to be more sensitive is secondary to trying to just appeal to more people. If they were just trying to be more "woke" or whatever they would've just gone the cheap route and only changed or cut 2 songs instead of redoing the entire thing Hopefully they keep the charm along with keeping the characters, but ultimately Disney songs are more popular with the average Disney fan than 50 year old country/bluegrass songs.

Mike S54 minutes ago

I guess my thought process was based on Old Yeller.

Cmdr_Crimson1 hour ago

And I mentioned this as Blood on the saddle is about a cowboys corpse just laying there all bloody while Big Al sings about it... There was blood on the saddle and blood all around And a great big puddle of blood on the ground A cowboy lay in it all covered with gore And he never will ride any broncos no more Oh, pity the cowboy, all bloody and red For the bronco fell on him and bashed in his head There was blood on the saddle and blood all around And a great big puddle of blood on the ground

donaldtoo1 hour ago

Yes, you’re not making any sense to me either, so that’s probably best.

MerlinTheGoat1 hour ago

This is the full original song, and from old recordings of the show, I think they only every had the first verse. Though I'd still not assume he's a dog just from the first verse (either human or a "bear" in the show's context)- Mama, don't whoop little Buford Mama, don't pound on his head Mama, Don't whoop little Buford I think you should shoot him instead Buford brought home his report card Buford was proud as could be At last he had passed through the 3rd grade And Buford is just 23 Mama, don't whoop little Buford Mama, you'll just be a wreck For Buford is studying Judo And he'll break your scrawny ole' neck When Buford was five, he was smokin' And drinking hard liquor at six At seven, he learned about women At eight, Buford got his first fix Mama, don't whoop little Buford You'll never know how Buford feels Buford is good to you, mama He brings you whatever he steals Now Buford is gone, what a pity At last we found happiness We bought a new home in the city And we won't give him our address So, Mama don't whoop little Buford Mama, don't knock out his breath Just teach him to be a folk singer Then Buford will soon starve to death

_caleb1 hour ago

You posted this: In response to this: Which is why your post didn't make sense to me. Now I see you're just side-tracking into comedians, so I'll just let you be.

donaldtoo1 hour ago

Yes, because the weak and marginalized have always been the main targets of comedians…WTH…?!?!?! :cyclops::rolleyes:

TrainsOfDisney1 hour ago

I always thought he was a bear for some strange reason. :-p

Mike S1 hour ago

So the show never included the context that he was human?

donaldtoo1 hour ago

No, nobody is being arrested (as far as I know) these days, but, they’re sure as hell being canceled, fired, etc., if the narrative doesn’t fit. Just ask Shane Gillis, who brainless SNL recently invited back to host. Been there, done that through the 80’s, thank you. I remember a comedian doing a bit on Rodney Dangerfield’s young comedians, back in the day. He was doing a bit about how Bob Hope used to introduce college football All Americans. At one point there was… “Bruce Coznoski, San Francisco University, tight end. Next year I hope to be a wide receiver!!!” HBO wouldn’t even air that these days.

WorldExplorer2 hours ago

I don't think so, or at least it's not in any videos I've watched. They cut out like six verses about Buford being terrible and getting away from him. It's kind of cool how they completely switched the joke around by taking the one verse out of context.

_caleb2 hours ago

Like I said, I'm not talking specifically about CBJ here (past or upcoming). I was responding to comments here asserting that the new show won't be "edgy" and that nothing Disney makes anymore is fun because they're afraid of offending people. And then I offended you with my comments. Sorry, that wan't my intention. I don't think it's wise to assume your perspective it the norm, or that it represents those who are "well adjusted" while others are "weird, fringe cases." You may well be a great judge of what others should find harmful, but Disney has to consider its broader audiences and I'm sure they've learned a lot from how poorly some of their classic content has aged as society changes. CBJ has historically included jokes that weren't offensive when the show opened, and may still not be offensive today, but aren't things we generally joke about these days. Some people may miss the jokes about gun violence, but I think an animatronic bear musical show can be just as fun and funny without stuff like that. I'm hoping this refresh isn't just great, but the beginning of a more frequent pattern of updates. Also, I'm not sure how the typical WDW guest would know to walk past the building and ignore is unless they've seen it before.

Mike S2 hours ago

Oh wow lol Was that context in the old version of the show before they shortened it? I don’t remember.

WorldExplorer2 hours ago

In the original song Buford is a twenty three year old menace who's still in elementary school and one of the verses is warning "mama" not to whoop Buford because Buford knows judo and will break her neck.