Former Walt Disney Imagineer provides more insight into the changes coming to the Country Bear Jamboree

Sep 09, 2023 in "Country Bear Jamboree"

Posted: Saturday September 9, 2023 7:04pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Ethan Reed, a former Walt Disney Imagineer, has shared some additional background information on the work that has gone into the just-announced changes coming to Walt Disney World's Country Bear Jamboree at Magic Kingdom.

Ethan says that he originally pitched the idea in 2004 and was the conceptual Creative Director on the project from 2018 through 2020 until it was put on hold due to the pandemic.

Speaking today during the announcement at Destination D23, Disney Imagineer Chris Beatty said that when the new show debuts, the bears will be reinterpreting favorite Disney songs in different genres of country music. Imagineers envision the new experience as a homage to the classic musical revues in Nashville, and they're working with Nashville musicians to get the authentic country sound.

Disney says the Country Bear Jamboree will still have the fun and friendly tone fans enjoy with the same famous characters like the loveable Trixie, Big Al, and others.

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Brer Oswald14 hours ago

Hoping we get a nice Kinman sign out of this since he seems to be helping out with Bayou.

HauntedPirate1 day ago

Forgot about "Adventure" in the name. ;)

DisneyDodo1 day ago

Jazz Gator Jamboree

JohnD1 day ago

Well maybe not him. But there are some bears in that critter band over there. . .

Stupido1 day ago

There's no gator tail on the water tower, this must be photoshopped 😜

Moth1 day ago

Finally, we Mossheads will rise! All hail moss! All hail moss!

EagleScout6101 day ago

Oh, have you not seen the concept art?

danlb_20001 day ago

4865 CARIBBEAN WY(COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE) - Install set elements and piping

pdude811 day ago

A guest spot for Louis would be pretty cool. Not sure brass fits in with the theme here, but I guess it depends on the content of the new show.

Moth1 day ago

I'm not 100% opposed to this. I'm not in favor of it, but I wouldn't turn my nose towards him appearing.

EagleScout6101 day ago

Starring - Louis!

JoeCamel7 days ago

I can hear Marvin now

James Alucobond8 days ago

She’s a California Raisin in a caftan. What’s not to like?