Cirque du Soleil Chief Executive discusses reopening plans for Drawn to Life at Disney Springs

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New Cirque du Soleil show at Walt Disney World
Posted: Thursday April 22, 2021 10:25am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Cirque du Soleil Chief Executive Daniel Lamarre announced yesterday that several of the company's shows will return this summer in Las Vegas, but no date was given for "Drawn to Life" at Disney Springs.

"Drawn to Life,"  that was set to open in Spring 2020 at Disney Springs, and was just days away from opening when the COVID-19 shutdown began. Asked by the LA Times about "Drawn to Life," Lamarre said, "We should be able to open sometime in the fall."

We understand that limited rehearsals have been taking place among small groups of performers at the Cirque theater in Disney Springs.

This news comes in addition to Disney's January 1 "things to do in the new year" list, which listed Cirque du Soleil's Drawn to Life as coming later in 2021.

The show was originally planned to begin on March 20 2020, but was cancelled due to the arrival of COVID-19. Since then, Cirque du Soleil has gone through a turbulent period with mass layoffs and filing for bankruptcy. 

Here is the mention in the "21 Ways to Kick Off 2021 with Magic at Walt Disney World Resort" press release from Disney in January:

Get Excited for Even More Magic Later this Year – Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, the new family-friendly attraction coming to the France pavilion in EPCOT, will debut in 2021. And the new Cirque du Soleil show “Drawn to Life,” coming to Disney Springs, will be a collaboration between Cirque du Soleil, Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering. More details about these experiences and other excitement happening around Walt Disney World will be released at a later date.

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ilovetotravel197723 hours ago

Can we use WDW gift cards to pay for Cirque tickets when booking online? I have never been to Cirque at Disney Springs, so no clue how that all works.

jt041 day ago

Nice, they usually wait until it gets worse.

ilovetotravel19772 days ago

When they say "fall", does end of November / early December sound like that timeframe? (*crosses fingers*)

DznyGrlSD15 days ago

I know on the Disney-side of Cirque they have been hiring specifically for Cirque but haven't given CMs a timeframe on when they'll be at that location specifically.

DCBaker21 days ago

"Although no mention was made in the official announcement about “Drawn to Life,” Cirque du Soleil CEO Daniel Lamarre gave a rough idea of the opening date in an interview with the Los Angeles Times." “We should be able to open sometime in the fall,” Lamarre told the California newspaper, saying the company was “honored to have the opportunity to do a show with the IP of Disney.”

mergatroidMar 14, 2021

Still no tickets on sale yet.

mergatroidMar 01, 2021

Saw it once a few years back but was a bit disappointed with the show after reading such great reviews. One thing I've noticed many times was staff 'promoting' the show on City Walk which always made me think they struggled to sell tickets. Was offered reduced price tickets more than once when approaching the parks.

DznyGrlSDMar 01, 2021

any rumblings about tickets being sold again or a forecasted opening night?

wdwmagicMar 01, 2021

Things are moving in that direction

DznyGrlSDMar 01, 2021

this is amazing news. Hopefully the Drawn to Life cast/crew is on standby.

the.dreamfinderMar 01, 2021

Cirque Du Soleil and MGM preparing to reopen “O” at The Bellagio on the forth of July. Need to be able to have 50% capacity to break even and it will take 8-10 weeks to get the show up and running.

WondersOfLifeFeb 06, 2021

I remember seeing it as a kid... The auditorium was pretty large and packed. Then I saw it a couple of years ago... They divided the auditorium in half with a black curtain, cutting out half of the seats... And even THEN, they still had LOTS of empty seats (on two separate showings I saw). I think it was either it's time to retire, or for them to develop a new BMG show.

DznyGrlSDFeb 02, 2021

I only saw BMG once at Universal around 2010? It was good, but not a repeatable show (for me) like Cirque is.