Cinderella Castle Dream Lights crane installation dates

Sep 08, 2014 in "Cinderella's Holiday Wish"

Posted: Monday September 8, 2014 12:07pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The install of the Cinderella Castle Dream Lights is underway in preparation for the annual holiday light show at the Magic Kingdom.

The crane will be onsite starting today, September 8, and will be in place through to September 21 2014 - weather permitting.

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Daniel JohnsonSep 23, 2014

Great photos. I've actually never been down that path...

ABQSep 22, 2014

Wonder if they can reach those front turrets with a smaller crane during the overnight hours?

steve2wdwSep 22, 2014

The open walkway on the east side of the castle. Interestingly, there are still two front turrets without the light netting on them. Either they're not covering them, or aren't using the crane to put them up.

Nubs70Sep 22, 2014

No, two quarters empty.

steve2wdwSep 22, 2014

Crane gone....walkway back open on east side of castle courtyard.

iheartdisney91Sep 09, 2014

Super happy I'll be missing the crane for my trip! Yes I know its necessary, and the lights are spectacular, the crane just isn't What I want to see when looking at the castle.

EOD K9Sep 09, 2014

Just be sure to give credit when you use it. When I have attitude on the radio, usually a dispatcher cries to their supervisor and their supervisor calls my supervisor and we all agree it won't happen again......until the next time it happens.

G00fyDadSep 09, 2014

Love this reply. I might use that the next time someone in dispatch gives me a hard time for my "attitude". LOL

EOD K9Sep 09, 2014

My glass is half full but I'm probably going to spill it.

Dj CoronaSep 08, 2014

Hey, you never know, maybe they'll give the crane a "Frozen" overlay! (Crap, I hope I didn't give them any ideas!):banghead:

ravenSep 08, 2014

Possibly could take that long for a permenant installation but they could work on it during 3rd shift, same with light bulb changes. And yes, the castle is a perfect location for a Frozen themed castle show but they are really starting to over saturate all of WDW with items from this movie. Not everyone is a fan of Frozen and they want to see other Disney themes when they come to WDW. Even some fans of Frozen are getting sick of how much Disney is pushing it. It's about time to Let It Go before Disney pushes it into the grave themselves.

SpaceMountain75Sep 08, 2014

That quite literally just made my day.

wdwmagicSep 08, 2014

Cinderella Castle Dream Lights crane installation dates

Tinkerbell 8Sep 04, 2014

I hope that Frozen doesn't take over the show, this will be the first time I'm going to the MVMCP and I want to see the original version. Also, to answer your question psherman42, I'm assuming the first night they will be lit will be November 7th since that is the first night of the MVMCP.